First Line NCO Initial Counseling

SPC ____, this is your initial counseling with me as your First Line NCO. During this counseling, we will cover my expectations for you as a leader and as a soldier of the [UNIT INFO HERE]. It is my goal to have a counseling session with you once per month to cover your performance, goals, and what I can better provide for you as a leader.

Physical Fitness
The Commander's intent is that everyone in the unit is fit and actively participates in unit PT with the goal of getting better and stronger, not just passing the APFT. I expect you to follow the PT plan set by H2F and focus on doing your personal best every session.

Be where you need to be, when you need to be there. If you have an appointment coming up or anticipate being late to a formation or event, please let me know as soon as you can. This is for your safety, so if anything should happen we have an understanding of where you might be.

Military Bearing
The Army is a workplace of respect and discipline. I expect you to treat others with the respect they have earned either by rank or action, and comport yourself with disciple reflecting who you will be as a leader. This includes not just your actions but also your apperance, which is expected to be within the bounds set in AR 670-1.

I want you to promote. Detachment SGT and the Commander want you to promote. This unit is better when you are reaching to achieve your full potential as a soldier and a leader. It is my goal to do what needs to be done to help get you further along your career path and reach your goals.

Work-Life Balance
It is not always easy to find the right balance between meeting the Army's mission, the unit's mission, and your personal goals. My challenge to you is to recognize when you need help, and come to me. Together, we can find the solutions and work through whatever problems might arise. The unit and the Army are better when you are at your best. Help me keep you at your best.

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