Mortar Platoon Initial Counseling

As your Squad Leader in the Mortar Platoon, HHC, my expectations of you as a soldier are outlined below.

-Hit Times & Accountability: You will be at every formation, appointment, or place of duty 10 minutes prior to the scheduled hit time. You will show up at work no later than 0615 unless otherwise told by myself or another NCO in the section. If you are unable to make a hit time or formation you will immediately contact me or another NCO in the platoon and explain why you're late and when you expect to report. DO NOT contact me two minutes before a formation and tell me you will not be there. DO NOT rely on another soldier to inform us that you will be late.

Accountability is important in this organization. You will maintain your cell phone on your person and keep it on and operational at all times. Not having minutes on your phone is not a valid excuse for not keeping in contact. When I am not around you will keep the NCO covering down for me informed of your whereabouts and tasks. I will always have accountability of you and if you are not where you say you are or if I cannot contact you in a reasonable time, corrective action will be taken.

-Uniform & Appearance: You are part of a professional Army and as such your uniform will always be neat, clean and serviceable. This means no rips, tears, ink stains etc. You will maintain a haircut that is within Army standards IAW AR 670-1 and always maintain a clean shaven face unless you are issued a shaving profile by medical personnel. Items you will carry on you include your CAC card, ID Tags, pens, Brigade Standards Book, and note taking material. These are inspectable items. If anything else is added to this list I will inform you at that time.

-Military Bearing & Discipline: You are a paratrooper in the 1-503rd Airborne Infantry. As a paratrooper, you are expected to carry yourself as such. At no time will you disrespect any NCO or officer, whether intentionally or not. When speaking to an NCO you will stand at the position of "Parade Rest" and address the NCO by rank (ex. Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major). When speaking to an officer whether commissioned or Warrant, you will stand at the position of "Attention" and address the individual as Sir or Ma'am. You will not only display military bearing but also set the example for your fellow soldiers. Your peers and subordinates will look to you for what right looks like in the Army and you will help set the standard.

-Self & Professional Development: I encourage you to take full advantage of the self and professional development opportunities. We will sit down and create a development plan based on your goals and abilities and implement them. I expect you to either complete Army (or similar) correspondence courses and/or college courses. You will report progress to me so that I can help you reach your educational goals. I will also help to prepare you to become an NCO in this Army.

-Physical Fitness: We will conduct platoon PT every morning. A PT calendar will be published for every week of the month to help tailor your after hours workout. It is your responsibility to maintain your fitness through exercise and eating habits. Failure to do so can result in separation under AR 600-9.

-Work Performance: You will maintain proficiency in your skill level tasks as well as learn the skills above your level. Demonstrating proficiency in your work performance will be rewarded. Not meeting the standard will result in corrective action.

___ I fully understand the policies set forth in this counseling statement and will uphold the values set forth to the best of my ability.

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