National Guard Initial Counseling

Purpose of Counseling:

1. Welcome Soldier as a member of the Squad.

2. Conduct initial counseling.

3. Provide Soldier the opportunity to present any issues encountered since his/her reception into the Squad.

Key Points of Discussion

1. Timeliness: You are required to make all formations on time, and in the prescribed uniform with the proper equipment. Make sure you are present at least 15 minutes prior to all announced formations.

2. Accountability: Be where you need to be, when you need to be there, with the proper gear. In all events, you need to keep the NCOs in our squad aware of your whereabouts at all times. Have your OCIE/PCIE stored at the armory and the right equipment for the mission.

3. Uniform and Appearance: At no time should your uniform or appearance fall below the standards set forth in AR 670-1. Also, you need to make sure you are in the correct uniform for the mission.

4. Duties: If you have duty, you need to ensure that you are in the proper place, at the proper time, and in the correct uniform for that duty. You will informed of any duties that you may have. Be aware that things change at a moment's notice, so be prepared in case that situation arises. Always be prepared and plan ahead.

5. Attitude: You need to have the proper military attitude at all times. Attitude can and will affect the behavior of those around you. Show the proper courtesy and respect to leaders, peers, and subordinates. Maintain respect for the military rank system. Discipline yourself to follow the guidelines of the Army Regulations, Uniform Code of Military Justice and Policy Letters. Always be professional and never allow your personal feelings to get in the way of respecting other Soldiers.

6. Personal Issues: Any personal or family issues that arise, make sure to inform your Chain of Command/Unit personnel so that you can get whatever support you may need. Do not be afraid to approach someone with any concerns you may have. We cannot help a problem if we don't know the problem exists.

7. PT: Your are required to take the APFT once a year. You need to consistently prepare yourself so as to achieve this goal and maintain the standards set forth in AR 600-9 (Army Weight Control Program). Remember, if you fail the APFT, you will be flagged and required to take a diagnostic APFT every 6 months until you have a passing one. Prepare yourself.

8. Initiative: Do not sit around and wait to be told what you have to accomplish each day. Ask questions, be inquisitive, have a list of things to do in the absence of your leaders.

9. When an e-mail or text message is sent, please respond. To confirm or ask a question. Know that NCOs in the Squad are available. We understand you can't always have your phone or computer with you, but whenever you do read it, please send the reply then (Rgr got it).

10. Drug and alcohol abuse/misuse will be met with UCMJ actions. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, help is available if you let your chain of command help you. A failed urinalysis is not a request for help and will result in the maximum punishment allowed under the UCMJ.

11. SHARP and EO Violations will not be tolerated. If you are made aware of a situation or observe an incident, you are charged with the duty and responsibility to report it and take the appropriate action. Your Chain of Command/Unit designated representatives are always available if you need to report a violation.

Plan of Action

As part of your initial counseling, we have discussed your basic duties, responsibilities and goals. During our next counseling, we will discuss and document your progress toward your goals.

Long term goals:

Short term goals:

Leader Responsibilities

1. Team Leader will ensure that Soldier receives proper training in all areas of job performance and that the training is properly documented.

2. Team Leader will provide additional training (opportunity training) should it be required.

3. Will be counseled on at least a quarterly basis in which Soldiers' strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities will be provided

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