Initial Counseling - Rear Detachment

The following is a baseline for all soldiers in this platoon to meet as a minimum. These guidelines will be the basic responsibilities that you must follow in the course of your day-to-day duties. We cannot cover what to do in every situation that might arise, but apply these general rules and you will be supported by the NCOs within the unit.

Attitude. Delta Company is the backbone of Dreadnaught forward. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you stay highly motivated at all times. Take the initiative to do the work you know needs to be done or proactively seek guidance from the chain of command. If you are not doing anything, then you are wrong. Put 100% effort into everything you do, and be proud of what you have done. At the end of every day you should have a sense of accomplishment for that day.

Chain of command. The chain of command is here to assist and guide you. Use the chain of command at all times. The chain of command starts with your supervisor. He or she is your starting point; if they cannot help, he or she will take the issue to the next higher level. Your immediate supervisor is also your link to the NCO support channel, which, together with the chain of command, can solve almost any issue you may have. Never skip a step in the chain of command. Solve problems at the lowest level possible. If you are the senior person present, you are in charge. Take accountability for everyone under you and accomplish the mission. Always observe military customs and courtesies and show respect to those senior in rank.

Competence. You must master your job. In this company, there are many different jobs and skills. None of us can master them all. But you must strive to be the subject matter expert on your specialty at all times. Learn the company and battalion standard operating procedures (SOP) and how to use them. While training, ask as many questions as it takes to fully understand the subject being presented. Being an expert on all aspects of your military occupational specialty (MOS) is your goal. This unit has already deployed to a combat zone. Any one of us may be required to join the deployed element at any time. Ensure you are physically and mentally prepared for that task. Combat is not the time to find out you should have asked more questions.

Personal conduct. "I will not forget, nor will I allow my comrades to forget that we are professionals," is taken from the Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer. This is not just a job you do from 9 to 5; it is a way of life. Your personal conduct must not bring discredit to the Army, the 1st Infantry Division, this battalion, or Delta company. Comply with all Army regulations, division, battalion, and company policies and live up to Army values.

Drug and alcohol abuse/misuse will be met with UCMJ actions. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, help is available if you let your chain of command help you. A blotter report or failed urinalysis is not a request for help and will result in the maximum punishment allowed under the UCMJ. Drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible as well as illegal. Anyone in the chain of command will give you a ride home without any questions or punishment, but only if you ask.

Budget your money so you can pay all your bills on time. If you catch yourself falling behind, notify the chain of command so we can get you the help you need. Remember that haircuts, uniform maintenance, and personal equipment need to be worked into your budget, along with your other responsibilities.

Provide what is needed for your dependents. Do not abuse or mistreat your spouse, children, or your significant other. Due to the sensitive nature of our job as a deployed combat unit, repeating sensitive family business or spreading rumors or gossip will not be tolerated.

Personal appearance. Battle dress uniforms will be clean, serviceable, and present a pressed appearance. Boots will be highly brush shined, with all eyelets blackened in. All pin-on rank will also be blackened in. Haircuts will be kept in accordance with AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia; close high and tights or flat tops preferred. You will shave daily, before morning formation. The Kevlar helmet will have the chinstrap adjusted to stay under the chin.

Physical fitness. Physical fitness is your responsibility. The company will provide you with challenging physical training (PT), which will maintain or improve your PT score. The platoon standard is 250 points for E4 and under and 270 points for sergeants and above. If you cannot achieve the company standards with the program we use, you must do extra PT on your own. Your personal goals should be to score higher than all your peers in the company. If you are on profile or otherwise limited in performing PT, you must work within the limits of the profile. You must conduct PT to maintain the best fitness possible.

Maintenance. Maintenance is the term used to describe the care and upkeep of your personal issue gear, company collective gear, and vehicles assigned to the company. All equipment will be kept in the highest state of cleanliness and repair possible. Any faulty personal gear will be exchanged as soon as possible. Preventative maintenance checks and services will be performed to standard on all company collective gear and vehicles using the proper technical manual (TM). Any deadlined items will be brought to the attention of the chain of command immediately. All gear will be accounted for at all times. Any missing equipment (personal or company) will be reason to notify the chain of command.

Billets. Rooms and common areas will be kept livable, clean, neat, and presentable at all times. If your mother would say it needs to be cleaned up, then it is not clean enough here either. You will pay to repair any damage done to your room. The chain of command will make unannounced spot checks of your room at random times throughout the week. If your room is dirty when checked, you will receive daily room inspections for a week. Anything not covered above, ask. Ignorance is not a valid excuse.

Remember that this is the bare minimum standard. Soldiers who consistently achieve higher standards will get first priority when promotions, passes, and awards are recommended.

I have read and understand all the above standards. By signing below I am agreeing to adopt and maintain these standards as my own and assist my fellow soldiers in achieving these standards.

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