Initial Counseling, Service and Recovery Team (S&R)

* Job Description- While assigned to the Service and Recovery team (S&R) you will perform troubleshooting procedures, repair all faults, and PMCS all vehicles by the TM to 10/20 standards and provide towing and recovery assistance. Every task that is given will be completed in a timely manner. I will work with you to ensure you understand the uses of the major components, tools, TMs and supporting material. I will also hold you to a work ethic and expect you to meet it regarding your task completion and avoidance of shortcuts. If any dead lining faults are discovered it will be reported to me immediately. I require that you complete every job or mission and report back upon completion, but always use safety first. On the job safety is of the highest importance, you will be in the proper uniform at all times which includes eye protection, coveralls, gloves, ear protection, and patrol cap.

* Military Discipline- Military discipline is critical to how a Soldier carries him or herself and is a crucial aspect of maintaining Soldier readiness. As a Soldier, military discipline comes in many forms, from rendering customs and courtesies to being prepared to move at a moment's notice. I expect you to maintain a high level of discipline. Examples of this are as follows but are not limited to properly preparing for the tasks you have to complete, practice proper customs and courtesies, maintaining your military bearing and using your time wisely.

* Responsibility- As a Soldier, you will be expected to execute certain tasks without constant supervision. You will be given responsibility for equipment and its maintenance, to include your OCIE and CIF issue items, vehicle maintenance, and recovery operations. You will be expected to ensure that the equipment is clean, serviceable, and fully mission capable. Anything assigned to you is your responsibility to maintain. Other responsibilities will include keeping your work/living areas clean, keeping accountability of tools, and eating properly.

*Formation- You are to be at all formations at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the specified time and in the proper uniform. If you are unable to make it to a formation, notify me or an NCO within the FMT of your whereabouts so that I can have accountability of you. You will be informed of the proper time and uniform as information becomes available.

* Appointments- Notify me of any upcoming appointments that you have immediately after they are scheduled. This is important so we can account for your absence and plan accordingly. Be sure to give me your appointment slip so that I have physical proof of the appointment. Failure to make it to the appointment will result in appropriate action.

* Physical Fitness- While in the military, you are required to pass an APFT in which you will be graded on your pushups, sit-ups and 2 mile run with a passing score of 60 points in each event. I encourage you to push yourself and go beyond the minimum standard, with a goal of 70 in each event. You will participate in organizational physical training. You will be given an opportunity to direct a PRT session with the team to improve leadership skills and knowledge of PRT. Familiarize yourself with the PRT standards; you will be held to the Army's physical standard outlined in FM 7-22.

* Personal Hygiene- Cleanliness is a part of your daily life and as such will be enforced. You will be required to shower a minimum of once daily and be groomed in accordance with the Army standards outlined in AR 670-1. Personal hygiene is an extremely important aspect of Soldiering skills; it prevents the contraction of illness and the spread of disease within the living quarters.

*Height/Weight- Army regulation 600-9 dictates the standard for body fat composition. You will be held to the standard in accordance with the regulation.

* EO/SHARP- The Army does not tolerate any type of discrimination in its ranks; this type of act will demotivate its Soldiers and destroy the image the Army has cultivated. Discrimination includes negative reference or treatment of any sex, race, religion, sexual preference, age, height, weight, nationality, disability, or country of origin. Sexual harassment and assault will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever. The purpose of this is to ensure that women and men may share the U.S. military together with pride and competence.

* Appearance- Your military uniform will have a clean and presentable appearance. There will be no holes, tears, gashes, and there will be Velcro suitable for use. Boots shall be clean and not excessively worn in the heels or toes and shall meet the requirements for military use. Patrol caps should not be stained and rank should not be excessively worn. AR 670-1 is the standard to which you will be held. Coveralls are provided to you to prevent the destruction of your duty uniform while in the motor pool and working on vehicles. Your patches must be the same across your uniform, whether they are sewn on or affixed using Velcro. Your gear will remain clean and serviceable at all times.

* Motivation- Motivation is an important aspect of your military career, as it displays your confidence in yourself, your unit, and the military as a whole. However, when you display motivation, ensure that you maintain your military bearing while doing so. Encourage others around you to stay motivated and finish strong. Positive motivation can improve the outlook on many situations. Motivating others is a major aspect of being a Soldier in the military.

* Promotions/Boards- During your time as a Soldier I will guide you to become a competent leader. Throughout your career, you will be tested for leadership qualities. You will be expected to complete required courses for advancement such as SSD 1 and WLC. I will work with you to ensure you are prepared for boards to the best of your ability.

* Living Quarters- The appearance of your living area is a direct reflection of your discipline. Currently we are in garrison and as expected of a Soldier, you need to maintain your area at all times. Ensure you are utilizing the wall lockers to maintain the security of both your personal and military items. If you live in the barracks, there will be mandatory inspections to ensure the quality of your living conditions. You are expected to keep a sanitary and livable environment that is free of hazards that would be detrimental to a Soldier and his family's health.

* Schools/Education- Education is important for advancing your career while in the Army and as a civilian. You are encouraged to take advantage of the Army's many opportunities to further your education. For example there are online college courses, face to face college courses, and military education that can help you advance your education. Your education will be pursued during off duty hours.

* Drugs & Alcohol- While in garrison, you are authorized to consume alcohol. Ensure that this privilege does not lead you to compromising situations. Periodic testing by the military ensures that its forces are combat ready. Do not partake in the use of any drugs unless prescribed by official medical personnel. Prescription and over the counter medication will be taken accordingly and not abused or sold. If you find yourself struggling with drug or alcohol abuse do not hesitate to seek help from your chain of command. There are several ways to help Soldiers with addictions but the first step is seeking help. The Army Substance Abuse Program is the main course of treatment for such issues.

* Leaves & Passes- Leave and Passes will be requested no later than 14 work days prior to your requested start date. Passes will be requested 7 days prior to your requested start date. All leave and passes are a privilege and are not guaranteed. You will be given the opportunity to take leave at least once a year. Mission accomplishment will always take precedence.

* Personal Affairs- If any personal issues arise, ensure you inform me of them. The sooner I am informed of an issue, the faster we can start efforts to resolve it. If you are having marital problems, there are classes you can sign up for to help manage them. Your off-duty affairs will not interfere with the mission or task at hand. There are many resources available for any issues that may arise in your personal life. Army One Source is a program that helps Soldiers with a variety of personal affairs. For example, building resiliency and coping with hardships that arise unexpectedly are a few areas where they can assist a Soldier.

* Finance- There are many resources to assist Soldiers if any indebtedness occurs. Inform me if you are thinking about making any large purchases like a POV or an apartment before you make any commitments. Your chain of command is a great way to obtain advice or receive a different perspective on the situation. The Army has counselors providing assistance if you wish to take advantage of professional financial guidance. There are also Army programs that specialize in emergency relief should your family be faced with a financial emergency that you did not plan for. Army Emergency Relief and Army Community Service are two programs dedicated to help soldiers with emergency and non-emergency financial guidance.

In closing- I look forward to serving with you on our Maintenance Team and I would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. My door is always open; we can achieve much more working together as a team, than as individuals. As your first line I will hold you to the Army standards at all times; should you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact me any time day or night.

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