New Supervisor Initial CounselingGold Star

Soldier, this is your initial counseling because I will now be counseling you as your direct supervisor and squad leader. I will underline what is expected of you as my soldier.

Accountability: Be where you need to be, when you need to be there. In all events, you need to keep me aware of your whereabouts at all times. You must be present 10 minutes before the scheduled shift or activity begins. In the event that you are going to be late, you need to contact me so that I can be aware of the situation. Multiple incidents of tardiness will result in negative counseling and corrective training.

Daily Duties: You are expected to show up to work well rested and ready to work. Follow instructions and complete your tasks in a timely manner. The ARMY is a TEAM effort. No matter the situation, if you are not engaged, you are expected to help out your battle buddies to ensure maximum efficiency of the team. I should never see someone struggling while you stand by idle.

APFT: PT is not optional. You must actively participate in PT. You will be responsible for conducting PT on your own time if the platoon PT program is not enough for you to grow. You are expected to have self-discipline and do what it takes to maintain fitness and weight control standards. Failure to meet these standards will affect your career and opportunities for advancement.

Military Appearance: You are expected to maintain CLEAN and SERVICEABLE uniforms at ALL times. Your military appearance needs to be I.A.W. AR 670-1 which states Soldiers must project a military image that leaves no doubt that they live by a common military standard and uphold military order and discipline. Your boots should not be worn and discolored. Purchase a boot cleaning kit to keep your boots clean. Your uniform should be clean, crisp, and without holes. There should not be permanent stains such as ink, dirt, or sweat on your uniform. Keep a consistent haircut, shave daily, and take pride in your appearance.

Military Bearing: You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and show respect to your leadership. Be tactful with all team members and maintain a good working relationship. Show respect and courtesy to NCOs and Officers. Our Commander and First Sergeant have open door policies but use discretion. Report problems to your shift supervisor first so we can work them out before they affect morale. If you decide you still want to engage them, let me know so I can set it up.

Off-duty: Watch your conduct off-duty. Incidents can have far-reaching effects and cause UCMJ action, a loss of a possible promotion and/or awards. Be aware of the off-limit establishments for soldiers stationed at the installation.

Career Progression: Education is highly encouraged. If you have not completed SSD-1, or maxed out correspondence courses, I highly encourage you to do so. These are ways for advancement that are completely within your control. Soldier of the month is an easy way to earn awards, set yourself apart from your peers, and prepare for the promotion board. I can help you prepare just let me know. I will push you but I will not hold your hand. I am on your side and want you to be successful. If you are not sure about something, ask me for guidance. That's why I'm here.

We will outline some goals that you and I can set for your progression.

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