Leader Responsibilities

As you probably know, the term "Leader" refers to the person filling out the counseling form which is normally the rater of the person being counseled. Although the Soldier is being counseled, the rater also has responsibilities. If he is counseling the Soldier for being late, he must ensure that the Soldier receives a work schedule and knows what time he should be somewhere. Similarly, if he is counseling someone on job performance, he must ensure that person has adequate training and understands his or her responsibilities.

In the Plan of Action block, the actions necessary for the success of the counseling were listed. Some of these were actions the Soldier would take and some were actions the rater would take. The responsibilities of the rater should be repeated here in the Leader Responsibilities block.

In addition, depending on the circumstances, there may be additional actions which the rater must take to ensure that the Soldier is able to correct whatever behavior is being criticized. The counseler should ask the Soldier if there is anything preventing him or her from meeting standards and take action to minimize these obstacles.

After the rater informs the Soldier that he will provide whatever is necessary to help him or her meet the objective, the counseling session is ended. The rater makes a copy of the signed counseling form, keeps the original and gives the copy to the Soldier.


My responsibilities to you are to provide you purpose, motivation, and direction whenever you ask and even when you do not. I do not believe in zero tolerance. NCOs are allowed to make mistakes; you will learn from them. I will groom you to assume duties and/or positions requiring greater responsibility. As NCOs, I believe you get paid to accomplish a certain level of work and I will allow you the latitude to accomplish the job you are paid to perform.

I will monitor the progression of all tasks assigned to our team and ensure they are either completed or actively engaged. If training proves to be insufficient, I will obtain training for those that need it.

I will coordinate with the First Sergeant and the Commander to determine the best course of action for a Soldier in this situation. I will observe behavior and performance. I will be available for counseling at any time.

I will more closely watch our section's training status and ensure all Soldiers are aware of their shortfalls and training opportunities. I will ensure that Soldiers have sufficient time for training.

SSG Welch will instruct SSG Walker on his responsibilities. SSG Walker has been informed that he cannot task you for any duties.

I will ensure that any order I give is lawful, is morally sound, and does not risk a Soldier's health. I will monitor PFC XXXXX's actions and assist with tips on ensuring he is always at his appointed place of duty.

I will provide and oversee corrective training if PFC XXXXX's performance continues to fail to meet standards.

I will recommend PFC XXXXX for UCMJ action and separation from the Army if corrective training fails to correct his performance.

I will ensure that our leadership is aware of this counseling and will provide guidance and assistance if requested.

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