Letter of Reprimand for Responsibility


MEMORANDUM FOR Lieutenant Colonel John N. Doe, 123d Military Police


1. On 11 October 2006 another three detainees escaped from the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF). This escape was the latest in a string of security lapses and included a detainee accused of murdering a US soldier. This incident highlights the lapses in security existing at BCCF since the 123rd ME Battalion assumed control of the installation. Various deficiencies and lapses have been brought to the attention of your staff by 515th MP Brigade Headquarters personnel and others. I myself have personally brought these matters to your direct attention. Remedial action has been wholly inadequate. I am forced to conclude that this continued unsatisfactory performance results from an intentional disregard of your duties and a total lack of leadership.

2. We are extremely fortunate no Soldier or other prisoner was killed or seriously injured as a result of these security lapses. We cannot wait until after such a preventable tragedy to take action. This is your final warning. Correct deficiencies in security at BCCF immediately or you will face more severe action.

3. This is an administrative reprimand imposed under AR 600-37 and not as punishment pursuant to Article 15, UCMJ.

4. I intend to file this reprimand in your Military Personnel Record Jacket (MPRJ). If you should decide to submit matters in rebuttal, extenuation or mitigation, I will carefully consider them in making a final determination on disposition of this reprimand. You have one week from receipt of this memorandum to submit such matters, and the response, if any, should be by endorsement to this memorandum. I will withhold further action on filing this memorandum until one week has passed.

Major General, USA

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