Weapons Discharge Letter of Reprimand


MEMORANDUM FOR LTC John S. Smith, 123rd Military Police Battalion


1. This letter of reprimand is a result of the incident on 11 December 2008 when one of your soldiers from the 550th Military Police Company negligently discharged an M-16 round while exiting his vehicle in the vicinity of the clearing barrels at Checkpoint 1 on Baghdad International airport. The discharge caused damage to the vehicle's fuel tank and rendered the vehicle inoperable for an estimated eight weeks.

2. This incident demonstrates a failure in training on proper weapons clearing procedures and a lack of command emphasis by you on proper safety procedures to reduce the risk to your soldiers from accidental injury or death. A Battalion Commander sets the tone for the entire unit. It is your responsibility to ensure strict and unfailing adherence to safety measures and standard operating procedures. Soldier safety is my top priority and I hold you accountable for the safe environment of our Soldiers.

3. This is an administrative reprimand imposed IAW AR 600-37 and not as punishment pursuant to Article 15, UCMJ.

4. My intention is to file this reprimand in your local MPRJ. I will carefully consider any matters in rebuttal, extenuation or mitigation. You have one week from receipt of this memorandum in which to submit such matters. I will withhold final decision on imposing this memorandum until the time period passes.

Major General, USA

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