Barracks Room Standards

Purpose of Counseling: Discuss PV2 Caldwell's duty performance for the month of Jan 2012.

Key Points of Discussion:

Your room must be kept clean and orderly and in a high state of readiness at all times. You should be prepared for an unannounced inspection at all times. In most cases, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice will be given for all room inspections.

Your room was not only not ready for inspection but was trashed to the point that it was selected as one of the worst rooms inspected out of over 200 rooms.

When you were assigned a room, I told you what the barracks standards were and showed you the written OI. And yet, even after several GI parties brought on by the living conditions in the barracks, you still failed to meet standards. This failure to follow orders is a violation of Article 92 and will not be tolerated.

As per the CSM, there will be a barracks inspection every day except Sunday until further notice. And the weekly barracks GI party will continue until standards have been met and maintained.

Plan of Action:

o Continue studying for the board.

o Sign up for correspondence courses.

Leader Responsibilities:

o I will participate in the random inspection of PV2 Caldwell's room and assist as required until standards improve.

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