Monthly Counseling, NCOER Traits

SPC G, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication in your new role. I greatly appreciate your exemplary and outstanding performance. You earned the Lifeliner of the Week (LLOW) award and it was the direct result of your hard work and perseverance. Keep working hard as you have been. Also, I congratulate you on participating in an additional PT session and for taking the initiative to invite 1SG Watson and SGM Sanders, which helps you grow as a future NCO and increases team building.

CHARACTER: These last months you have delivered a good performance and I am proud of you. I like that you take the initiative to ask the NCO in charge if anything else needs to be accomplished. You have been aggressive and focused on the mission. Continue working on your character as a future leader as you have been doing.

PRESENCE: Over the past month, you met the standards when it comes to your uniform and appearance and you complied with AR 670-1. Continue to maintain a good appearance and set the example for your peers to follow.

INTELLECT: You have been diligent these last few months in working on your correspondence courses and as a result, you earned 200 hours. Also, you can check the e-mail that I sent you with the subject, "New Virtual Training", which can help you advance in your military career. Your performance has been outstanding. Continue to make satisfactory progress each month and keep moving in the right direction of meeting the standards.

LEADS: You are a great example for the other soldiers. You are always doing your job, in the correct place and on time, with little or no supervision. You take your job seriously and execute that position efficiently. Great Job!

DEVELOPS: I would like to revisit your long and short-term goals to see where you're making progress and what areas need improvement.

ACHIEVES: You completed 20 hours of correspondence courses and achieved this before the goal was set, which was in June. I want to congratulate you for your dedication. Continue looking for new courses or training that will help you grow professionally and personally. In May you will attend QRF training, which is a great opportunity to learn something new. Use this time to learn as much you can.

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