Monthly Soldier Counseling Example

Duty Performance: PVT Snuffy, your duty performance for the month of ___ was great, continue the outstanding job. You have a huge responsibility dealing with _____ and also ____. ____ is still your primary job until further notice; make sure everything is taken care of in that section before you do anything else.

Formations/Timeliness: You are never late, keep up the good work. You will make all required formations. Should a situation arise in which you cannot attend a formation, ensure that I am notified as soon as possible. Failure to be on time, as with all issues, will be dealt with according to the severity of the situation. As a rule of thumb, detachment SOP requires arriving 10 minutes early to every mandatory formation.

Appearance: You exceed the standard when it comes to your uniform and appearance and complied with AR 670-1. It is these actions that make you stand out among your peers.

Physical Fitness: Continue to set the standard when it comes to PT and continue to work towards your goals.

Communication: During the month of ____ you corrected the couple of miscommunications that occurred in the month of (previous month). Your communication skills are _____ (describe the communication level). If there is a situation that arises that is out of your control that may affect the mission, you need to make sure an individual in your chain of command know these things immediately, in order to make arrangements to complete the mission. For the month of (next month) I expect a ____ level of communication from you.

Self-Development: You have taken full advantage of completing the correspondence course hours set forth on a monthly basis. The motivation for your degree program (describe the civilian education level). You have been given numerous opportunities to find out what needs to be done and you have (describe either great job or failed) to obtain the necessary information in order to make a plan for your degree program.

Personal Issues: Don't hesitate to come to me with any issues you may have. My door is always open and I will do my best to help you in any way I can. If I can't help you, I will point you in the right direction and ensure you get the help you need.

Soldier's Goals: You need to reevaluate your long term and short term goals to see if the plan that you set for your self is still adequate or needs to be adjusted.

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