Monthly Soldier Counseling Example

The purpose of this counseling is to counsel PV2 Davis' on his performance in the field and at PT for the month of October, and to develop a plan of action to improve his job performance.

-Qualification range
-OPFOR exercise
-Platoon live-fire range
-Garrison and PT

During the month of October, we conducted many training events, and for the first time you were a part of weapons squad. Your performance at the 240B qualification range was exemplary. After initially encountering difficulty during zeroing and table 1 of the qualification, you listened to my guidance and were able to improve your shooting. You scored expert at table 2 with relative ease. The number of rounds in your bursts was too few, but you understand that 6-9 round bursts are what is required.

We also went out into the field as a company twice this month. Unfortunately, I was not there to assess your performance due to color guard obligations, but the acting team leader and squad leader have said that your performance was satisfactory with one notable exception. After the OPFOR exercise you failed to properly check and clear your 240B. This failure on your part shows an unacceptable lack of attention to detail. The acting team leader failed you as well for not checking either. This is resulting in a company-grade Article 15 for both you and the acting team leader. However, your attitude towards this event has been appropriate. Maintain the high level of motivation you have to put this behind you, to learn from your mistake, and to redeem yourself by excelling at your job.

The other field exercise this month was the live-fire platoon attack range. Your performance was above the standard and your shooting at the support by fire line was so good you impressed the battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel Purdy and received a battalion coin. This level of performance is what I expect and you made headway in redeeming yourself from the OPFOR exercise.

While in garrison you have been doing the right thing. You are always one of the first to volunteer for tasks, and you never complain. Your uniform has been to standard, and you are never late. Keep this up. Maintain your high level of physical fitness as well. Keep putting forth effort during the morning physical training sessions and keep going to the gym on your own time. You have been one of the soldiers setting the standard for the platoon. Your motivation during the platoon run was high and you didn't fall out. Keep up the good work.

Your plan of action to improve will center around paying attention to detail at job-related tasks. Specifically, weapons safety and clearing your 240B.

Now that the scheduled field exercises are over, we will also increase the intensity and regularity of morning PT. In addition, you will learn to rig your ruck, and perform this task to the jump master standard.

Also, you will complete SSD1 this month in order to increase your knowledge and pave the way for you to eventually be promoted to an NCO.

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