October Soldier Counseling Example

Duty Performance: Your overall performance this month has been very satisfactory. This month we had range coverage for 75th TRANSPORTATION BATTALION at Warrior Base. We had an EDRE this month and you were there with all required equipment.

a. Sustain: You are disciplined, loyal, dependable and honest which are very good Soldier qualities. Keep up your can-do attitude and motivation.

b. Improve: Keep your hair neat and trimmed. Other than that I don't see any other improvements needed at this time.

Appointments/Accountability: Keep me informed of your appointments and your whereabouts. Accountability is important in the Army.

Appearance: The wear of our military uniform is very important. Remember the first appearance is how people are going to remember you. Wear your uniform in accordance with AR 670-1 and you will have no issues.

Physical Fitness: It is your responsibility to pass an APFT. While working on TTC we have to do physical fitness on our own time. Make sure you are doing your part.

Promotion: You have 13 months TIS and 0 months TIG. You are not in the zone for waiver or promotion.

Upcoming events: We have TTC duty for the month of November and Gunnery for December. The holidays are coming up soon and the weather is changing. Be prepared for cold temperatures.

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