Monthly Soldier Counseling Statement Example

Performance Sustains:

- Compassion for soldiers; caring for soldiers and keeping NCOs informed.

- Punctuality; can be depended upon to be there at the specified time.

- Military Bearing and Appearance; shows fellow soldiers the proper respect and presents himself as a soldier.

- Assertive and Mission Focused; takes initiative and asks his NCO to see what else needs to be accomplished.

- Great job coordinating with his NCOs on military and medical issues.

- Proficiency and Knowledge of medical skills.


- Would like to see soldier take on more leadership roles

New APFT standard:

- Inform soldier that a score below 70 points in any event will result in the soldier being placed in remedial physical training

New RST standard:

- Inform soldier that when requesting an RST it must be done at least thirty days in advance with the knowledge of the full chain of command from the soldier's NCOIC and OIC to the Commander and 1SG.

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