Monthly Soldier Counseling Statement Example

Duty Performance:   Remember that initiative is a big deal when working in a position like yours. I understand that in some instances it is harder to get back in the groove of things. However, you should be resilient, meaning that now you are back from leave you jump back into working like you never left. I want you to realize that as time goes on, more will be expected out of you as you are growing more and learning more in your job. Be cognizant of your lunch breaks. At times you take more time than expected. This will not be accepted. If you continue to show that you can not be responsible with the time given to you then you will be allotted less time.

Accountability & Responsibility:   This month you were on leave. You had several hiccups when it comes to being responsible. On your way back to Gaziantep from leave you had an issue in which your red Gaziantep pass was not on your person. This caused a delay in you getting back to work. You informed me that it was in your bag and that a few of your bags were temporarily misplaced. You also had issues with leave and getting back like the command expected you to. Your leave ended several days before you arrived back. That is not acceptable and you will be held accountable for your actions.

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