November Soldier Counseling Example

Counseling for the month of November:

This month was filled with a lot of work but you didn't complain about it. You were consistently on time and prepared to work. I sincerely appreciate your work ethic. You were recognized for your hard work and excellence at live fire by being selected for Soldier of the Week.

This month we had live fire exercises and you had a lot of work to do to ensure your driver knew what he was doing. You taught him how to help you in your position and how to do his job effectively. You were helpful with all the tasks the driver is assigned. On the live fire exercises, your preparation before ever starting and your previous experience at the gunnery did not go unnoticed. You were the best from our platoon and one of the best from the whole company when it came to designating and destroying the enemy as quickly as possible.

In addition, you had more work than most because your Bradley was the one that everyone used for the live fire which kept your workload higher as you had to maintain and do checks on all your equipment multiple times a day.

You also improved in your use of the radios and are getting better at your call outs and radio checks. Throughout the section and platoon live fire you showed that you are learning and progressing in your skills and getting better every time you do it.

To summarize, your performance this month exceeded standards across the board. If you have any questions or you need my attention, please let me know and I'll help to the best of my ability.

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