Plan of Action Block

In the Plan of Action block, describe the actions that will be taken as a solution to the subject of the counseling. These actions will be accomplished by either the rater or the Soldier or both as appropriate.

For example, if, in the Key Points of Discussion block, you stated the Soldier was frequently late even though he or she was well aware of the time, in this block describe the actions that will be taken to prevent being late in the future.

If the subject discussed in the Key Points of Discussion block was about preparing for school, this section would list the actions to be taken to prepare for school such as inventorying equipment, checking uniforms, etc.

Sometimes, especially in the case of negative counselings, the actions to be taken are so obvious it's difficult to articulate. Here are some general examples.


SPC Sullivan understands the seriousness of failing to report and will ensure it does not happen again. I will ensure he always has the latest duty schedule.

Soldier was counseled on the consequences of his performance, including possible separation for continued substandard performance IAW AR 635-200 Para 1-18 (a). Soldier provided the following reasons for poor performance during this APFT:

We will meet and follow up on this problem in two weeks to measure progress.

You will report for extra duty this Saturday and report to SFC Smith at 0800 and work until he releases you.
Report to the First Sergeant's office on 27 Dec at 1500. At that time, you and I and the First Sergeant will discuss the possible consequences of your actions.

This counseling statement will be filed in your records.

You will attend next Monday's Team Chief meeting at 0800 and take notes and distribute them to the Team Chiefs after the meeting.

Report to work at 0800 Saturday morning and complete the project you were assigned. Failure to report or failure to complete the project will result in immediate and more severe administrative action.

PFC XXXXXX has been reminded of his responsibility to inform his chain of command of his whereabouts at all times. More counseling may follow if additional information concerning this incident surfaces.

PFC XXXXXX will make every effort to be at his appointed place of duty and is aware that failing to do so could result in separation from the Army IAW AR 635-200, Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations.

Due to your inability to be at the appointed place of duty at the appointed time, the following corrective action will be taken:

Starting now, 13 May 13, until I say otherwise, you will report for daily morning formation at 0545 in the uniform of the day. During this period, your actions will be evaluated and failure to show, as directed, to future formations, will result in UCMJ action in accordance with Article 86. In addition, I will make every effort to ensure you are barred from reenlistment.

You will participate in the company's special fitness program (conducted concurrently with unit physical fitness training). Your Squad Leader, along with the unit Master Fitness Trainer (MFT) will design a program tailored to address your specific fitness needs. The program regimen will help you improve your areas of weakness and overall fitness level. It is recommended that you routinely spend some of your off-duty time to work on your physical conditioning. Achieving Army minimum standards is not difficult, the most important element to being successful is maintaining a positive "can-do" attitude and having the desire to succeed. This counseling is corrective not punitive in nature and will assist both you and the command to ensure you are capable of passing the APFT.

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