Quarterly Counseling Example

Purpose of Counseling

Quarterly performance counseling from Jun 11 thru Aug 11

Key Points of Discussion

Areas you should Sustain:

o Your squad did a good job in the test and evaluation of the new equipment being fielded.

o During this quarter your squad had zero safety violations or disciplinary actions.

o I observed you helping your peers and subordinate prepare for WLC. That is a good example of an NCO watching out for your fellow Soldiers. Continue to assist other soldiers.

Areas that require Improvement:

During your initial counseling last quarter I told you to evaluate your squad and have a training plan prepared to ensure we're ready for the upcoming external evaluation in September. I need your input on the type of training your squad and the Plt need. We discussed how to evaluate training and how to develop a plan to address any shortfalls. I should not have had to remind you to develop a training plan. You're the first line supervisor and know better than anyone what your squad needs training on. Don't wait until it's too late. If you had problems or don't know how to proceed, you should have approached me or one of your peers for assistance.

In our initial counseling I also directed you to become familiar with the members of your squad so you can provide effective supervision. But you are not enforcing standards and holding your Soldiers accountable. You need to ensure that your Soldiers dress and look like Soldiers and are at a high state of readiness at all times. You need to impress upon your Soldiers the importance of being in the right place at the right time. I recommend that you analyze the recent situations and determine why the Soldiers failed to meet standards. Do the Soldiers feel you don't care? Are they following your example? Whatever the reason is, it needs to be corrected and you need to improve your supervision.

Plan of Action

During this counseling session we have discussed your performance over the past quarter, identified areas needing improvement and discussed methods to improve them. We reviewed the working copy of your NCOER and discussed how performance affects ratings. During our next counseling session we will review your progress toward your goals. I also recommend considering the following areas and being prepared to discuss them during our next session:

o Complete tasks without supervision

o Keep supervisor informed of issues that arise (professional or personal)

o Develop training plan for your squad for the evaluation in September

o During our next counseling session we will review and assess this counseling

Short Term Goals:

o Correct deficiencies identified during this counseling

o Become more familiar with Soldiers and family members

Long Term Goals:

o Complete your college degree

o Be selected for promotion to SFC

Leader Responsibilities

o Provide guidance and assistance to the Soldier as required

o Ensure the Soldier is properly prepared for scheduled events

o Listen to Soldier in order to implement the most effective and appropriate action


Subject: Quarterly Performance Counseling

Promotion Recommendation/Potential: You will be eligible for SFC in the secondary zone in the next 2 years based on your current level of performance. I do not believe you are ready for promotion in the secondary zone. I strongly encourage you to work on the areas we discussed and become more proactive in your job and more involved in the lives and performance of your Soldiers.

Concerns: I am concerned with your failure to meet an important suspense. Your performance suggests you may be having personal problems. If you do have issues that are affecting your work, you need to seek resolution immediately. I am willing to listen and assist or set up an appointment for you so that you can talk to an unbiased and impartial third party. Do you have any issues you would like to present at this time? If your performance in the areas identified does not improve, I will ensure that the bullet comments on the working copy of your NCOER reflect that. Please keep me informed.

Education: I have expressed my concern that you are putting more effort into your degree than you are Soldiering and supervising your troops.

Upcoming Events:

o Class-A inspection followed by Pay Day activities

o 22-26 Oct Company FTX

o Training Holiday (No DUIs)

Safety Reminder:

o Underage Drinking: If you are less than 21 years of age, don't drink. If you are of legal age do not buy alcohol for Soldiers that are underage. If you see someone underage drinking you are required to report it.

o Ensure your soldiers receive a safety briefing every Friday and prior to a long weekend. Ensure they have your contact information.

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