Quarterly Promotion Counseling (Recommended)

The purpose of this counseling is to inform you that you are being recommended for promotion to Staff Sergeant. You showed a lot of initiative and have completed all assigned tasks with exceptional results. Your performance, working outside your MOS as the company's Training NCO, has been remarkable. Your ability to lead Soldiers and get results proves that you are ready to advance to the next level.

You need to have 47 months TIS and 6 months TIG for secondary zone, 71 months TIS and 17 month TIG for primary zone, and 83 month TIS and 23 months TIG for the integration list. You are currently in the primary zone with 82 months TIS and 27 months TIG.

Per the new Promotion policy effective 1 May 18 you will attend the next promotion board and on a monthly basis as long as you are eligible.

To prepare for meeting the board, you should focus on the following areas:

APFT: Maintain an APFT score of at least 250 or better.

EDUCATION: Continue to enroll in on-line civilian education courses.

WEAPONS QUALIFICATION: Attend the next range to maintain your qualification of Expert.

The majority of the board members will grant a "GO" for appearance, military bearing, and verbal responses. Ensure you know and can sound off with the NCO Creed. This will set the tone for your board appearance. I will assist you in these areas to help you obtain your promotable status. Continue studying for the promotion board now and with your Soldiers to be ready.

APPEARANCE: Ensure your uniform is clean and serviceable. The uniform for this board will be Army issued OCP, ACH, IOTV, FLC, Eye-Pro, Gloves, and Knee Pads.

MILITARY BEARING: Your confidence is key to your performance at the board. You need to make sure your voice stays steady.

VERBAL RESPONSES: Your knowledge and voice inflection are key to ensuring you appear confident and competent. STUDY!!!!


- Take immediate action to improve in the areas identified in this counseling.

- Start studying now for the Promotion Board.

- Begin an aggressive physical fitness plan now. Be prepared to take the next record APFT to improve your score.

- Make an appointment at the Education Center to obtain your current credits. Take all proof of completion of college courses and military schools and courses. Enroll in an education plan to earn points toward promotion. Use caution and don't sign up for more than you can reasonably expect to finish.

- Review basic marksmanship procedures and be prepared to attend the next qualification range.

- Review the promotion board MOI and the Soldier of the Quarter Board MOI. Use these MOIs to prepare for the board.


- Provide MOIs to Soldier
- Provide regular, scheduled and unscheduled, and constructive feedback
- Provide assistance to Soldier on any topic requested
- Inspect Soldier's uniform prior to the Board

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