Quarterly Counseling Example

Key Points of Discussion

Train - Supporting the BN Training and Operations during Drill dates on and off duty while in Garrison and in the Field during Live Fire Exercises. Do not waste time and resources. Stay motivated as a Leader and lead soldiers instilling knowledge to Soldiers within the 13R MOS.

Mentor - My expectations for you as a Platoon Sergeant is to mentor others but have an identified mentor for yourself, if it is me please let me know. I will do everything I can to provide that mentorship to lead you to success or even share in the failures we will all make at some point. Learning from your mistakes only make you successful the next time as long as you do not repeat those same mistakes.

Lead - We are Leaders within the organization. Act at all times and execute like one. Be in front of the formation and always understand that you may in the future lead our Soldiers in a combat role. I am confident and feel I can depend on you as a leader to carry out all orders delegated down from myself or someone above myself in my absence.

Family - This is my main priority in life. Family was not always a priority for me and it has cost me much grief in my life, but I have learned to give those in my care and the ones I love most priority in my life. Family is the basis of life. It's what develops us into what our character as a Leader is today and in the future. Your Soldiers' families are just as important and you will support them and get to know their families. Family is key to a solid and dedicated soldier.

Trust - If I can not trust you, we as a platoon will not succeed together. We all make mistakes and have faults. I realize I have made many, but I learn from them and get others involved when needed. Lets not only work together but build a trust and friendship based off this principle. If you do not agree with me, tell me. I work hard and play hard, but never forget we have to place some fun within our scope of duties.

Control - There are three main things a Soldier can control; Appearance, Physical Fitness, and Attitude. If you take care of these three personal responsibilities you can go far in this organization and in your career as a Leader.

Communication - Communication is the other important key to success in our organization. I will always strive to keep you informed as my expectation of you as a Platoon Sergeant is to keep me informed on any changes or news about our Soldiers, equipment, the mission, and anything related to our duties as key Leaders within the Platoon. As a Platoon Sergeant I expect you to be strategic and knowledgeable in organizing and speaking clear communication in the delegation of orders, feedback from our Soldiers, and any needs for the Platoon to ensure success.

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