Reception Counseling Example

Purpose of Counseling:

This is your Reception and Integration Counseling for your position as Squad Leader, 1st Platoon. In addition, this is your Initial Counseling and will accompany your NCOER Counseling Checklist.

Key Points of Discussion:

Welcome to A Co, 1-509th IN (ABN). Our building number is 2514. Our commercial phone number is 870-540-3XXX and DSN is 966-3XXX. The Orderly Room/First Sergeant's phone number is (870) 540-3XXX. My personal cell phone number is (870) 478-XXXX.

- Discuss duty position and review job description

- Unit METL

- Command Policies and SOPs

- Unit Physical Fitness Program

- Deployments and Exercises

- Equipment Accountability and Maintenance

- Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel

- Rating Chain/NCOER

- Alert/Recall Roster and Accountability

- Personal and Organizational Goals

- Professional Development

- Education (Civilian and Military)

- Career Enhancing Opportunities (NCO of the Month, Audie Murphy Board)

- Short and Long Term Goals

- Unit Readiness

- Personal and Family Issues

- Finances (PCS Entitlements, Leaves)

- Housing, Schools, Recreation Centers, Youth Center, Community Activities)

- Family Support Group

- Command Maintenance

- Hand Receipt

Plan of Action

- Review Unit METL, Command Policies and SOPs

- Prepare for a diagnostic PT test within 30 days; be ready to conduct PT

- Conduct inventory of squad equipment by __date__

- Review previous squad leader's leader's book

- Hold meeting with squad members

- Conduct individual initial counseling with squad members

- Provide supervisor verification of last NCOER

- Visit the education center, sign up for one evening college class within 30 days

- Familiarize myself with unit and installation study guide

- Support long-term promotion goal; work on weapon qualification, physical fitness, and military/civilian education

- Verify squad's SRP packets

- Provide spouse with family support group contact info and encourage attendance of next family support group

Leader Responsibilities

Introduce Soldier to squad members. Review and explain job description, additional duties, scheduled deployments and duty rosters. Provide Soldier with a copy of the rating scheme and training schedule. Provide a list of reference materials and web sites to assist soldier in preparation for NCO of the Month, Audie Murphy, and Promotion Board. Provide time for soldier to review commander's policies and SOPs. Assist Soldier in resolving any transition problems that may develop. Explain the unit's METL requirements. Schedule and administer a diagnostic PT test. Check back in 30 days to ensure all Soldiers have been counseled. Supervise squad inventory of accountable equipment. Ensure time (as mission permits) for Soldier to enroll in college class.


On ___date___ SGT Doe conducted a squad equipment inventory. Inventory was corrected and equipment signed for.

On ___date___ SGT Doe took a diagnostic APFT and scored 240 with a score of 75 on the run.

On ___date___ reviewed SGT Doe's squad initial counseling packets. Effective counseling was completed for all members.

On ___date___ reviewed SGT Doe's squad SRP packets. They meet standards.

SGT Doe is taking one college class after duty hours and is scheduled to complete it on ___date___.

SGT Doe conducted section PT during the first and third weeks of October.

SGT Doe attended the unit Family Support Group meeting with spouse on ___date___.

Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date of Assessment: _ _ _ _ _ _

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