Soldier Initial Counseling Gold Star

Part II

Purpose: The Purpose of this Counseling is to conduct initial reception & integration counseling. Ensure that all immediate Soldier/family issues are resolved promptly, welcome Soldier to the unit/community and orient Soldier to standards.

Part III

Key Points of Discussion:

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you (and your family) to our organization. If you have any immediate personal and family issues, let us discuss it right now. _____ (place initials)

Subject to UCMJ Actions. As a Soldier in the US Army, when on and off duty, on-post or off-post, you fall under the UCMJ and need to act accordingly. Ignorantia legis neminem excusat which translates to Ignorance of the Law excuses no one. Ignorance of the Law or Regulation does not excuse anyone for breaking it, so it behooves you to know the Regulations, study and know your Army Regulations.

Appearance and Uniform Policy. You need to make sure you are in the correct uniform for the mission. If you are unsure of the correct uniform, contact me and I will provide you with that information. Maintain your uniforms in accordance with AR 670-1. Your uniform identifies you as a member of the US Army. Wear it with pride. Abide by Army hair and fingernail standards and grooming policies. Identification badges will be worn in accordance with local policy. Take pride in your uniform. Be an example for other Soldiers. Remember first impressions can at times be lasting impressions.

Army Values. Values are the foundation for all we do. The seven Army Values are the bedrock for our service: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. These values are enduring truths that will lead us to choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong. They encompass the tradition, service and personal commitment to our nation, our Army and our unit. They address treating soldiers with dignity and respect while not tolerating bigotry, sexual harassment, or favoritism of any kind which is vital to the success of our unit and the Army. Our ethical behavior and moral conduct on and off duty must be above reproach and reflect these values. I see it as my duty to set and maintain the ethical and moral climate within the platoon, ensuring we never stray from the values just described above. I challenge you to do the same and support and live these values. We must always understand the difference between lapses in character and honest mistakes. In any unit full of aggressive, hard charging soldiers and leaders, mistakes are made. While no leader or soldier should ever fear a mistake made honestly in pursuit of excellence, we need to learn from our mistakes and strive to avoid repeat performances.

Job Description. Your Primary Duty will be that of **((68C/Licensed Practical Nurse))** and your secondary duty will be that of **((Telemetry Technician))**. Refer to attached job description for **((LPN and Telemetry Technician))**.

Job Performance. I will counsel you on a quarterly basis at a minimum, but more than likely monthly to inform you of the strengths and weaknesses I observe in your performance. Take these counseling sessions and use them as learning tools to make you a better soldier, leader and person. I do not expect perfection out of you or any soldier. I do however expect soldiers and leaders to make good choices and decisions based on the mission at hand or true need that arises. I do not expect soldiers to intentionally make mistakes. Those that do will be counseled and corrective action taken to prevent their actions again. Take issues and situations in stride and remain flexible. Come to me with any issues that cannot be resolved and use me as your sounding board. I will not think any less of you.

Military Bearing and Professional Military Appearance. Maintain your military bearing at all times. Soldiers, peers and leaders are watching. As a soldier and as a junior leader (SPC), you must set an example. It may be tough at times, but stay calm and focused on the mission at hand. Help your superiors, peers, and subordinates to do the same when you observe a situation that could potentially get out of control. Also, as a soldier you are required to maintain the highest appearance standards, when in uniform you represent more than just yourself, you represent all of the soldiers that came before you and those that will follow in your footsteps. Keep in the standards and exceed them whenever possible. Take pride on how you wear your uniform.

Physical Fitness. Stay fit and ensure your peers do the same. The Army's minimum standard is to achieve 60 points in each of the three events (Push-up, Sit-up, Two mile run) for a total score of at least 180 points. This is the MINIMUM standard. Soldiers and leaders should strive to achieve a level of fitness that is higher than the minimum standard. Leaders (as you may be someday) especially should set an example in this area for their soldiers to follow. Soldiers on profile will have a copy of their profile on them at all times. You are expected to pass the APFT in April and October. If you need assistance I am available to give guidance at any time.

Military Courtesy. You will render appropriate courtesy to Senior Leaders, NCOs, Fellow Soldiers, patients, visitors and staff at all times. You will utilize appropriate military titles when addressing each other, your Superiors and other military members. Impeccable personal conduct is expected at all times. When speaking to NCOs, you need to be at the position of parade rest, unless told otherwise. Maintain a good positive military bearing at all times to include on and off duty. Foul or obscene language, insubordination, discourtesy or other inappropriate behavior will result in corrective/disciplinary action.

Timeliness and Tardiness. Tardiness will be handled on a case by case basis, but you will be counseled appropriately. Make sure you are present at least 10 minutes prior to all announced formations.

Fraternization. Personal relationships between Officers, NCOs and Junior Enlisted (to include but not limited to: dating, shared living accommodations and sexual or intimate contact) is strictly prohibited and punishable under UCMJ.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault will NOT be tolerated, and STOP it before it even starts by recognizing the Warning Signs (refer to I.A.M. Strong Card). Utilize the buddy system when you go out to clubs, watch out for the Perpetrators. Intervene and Act against it!

Communication. As Soldiers, effective communication is very critical and will affect our mission and even people's lives, I expect you to be up-front and honest. I encourage you to utilize all avenues of approaches and methods, such as email, cell phones and even text messaging to communicate with me, your NCOs and your peers. Telephone calls and text Messaging will be our main means of communication and it is imperative that you answer your phone whenever possible, when somebody from the Unit or one of your Leadership is calling you. If you cannot answer the phone, return the phone call or text message in a timely manner.

Safety. Safety is the responsibility of every Person and involves attention to detail and common sense. Everybody is a Safety Officer and if you are witnessing an Unsafe Act, you have the responsibility to Stop and Prevent it.

Education. Set your goals, achieve them and make sure to stay on track at all times. Significant Life Events, such as a new baby, meeting a significant special person or a health crisis, can set you off track.

Duty Roster. You are expected to keep yourself updated on the duty roster, may it be CQ runner or 4+1. It is solely your responsibility to show up for scheduled duties.

Readiness. Readiness is a key issue that must always come first. MEDPROS, Training, APFT, Weapons Uniform, etc. Ensure that you and your peers are prepared to be in the proper place, uniform and equipment if called upon for wartime operations. Make an issue of this with your fellow soldiers, both newly assigned and those who have been here for a while. Teamwork is the key with this policy.

Problems and Issues. I expect you to come to me and discuss issues and problems you may have. I am available anytime to discuss issues and problems you may have. On the flip side, I do not expect problems to catch me off-guard. I am a firm believer in the chain of command and NCO support channel. Soldiers have an obligation to keep their superiors informed at all times, especially with prior knowledge on issues that will come around to bite them.

Promotions and Advancements. Promotion is not something that is given, it is something that is earned. Some people get the misconception that just because they have done the time they deserve to be promoted, this is not the case in this section. In order to be promoted you must prove that you deserve it.

Peers, Soldier Camaraderie, and Esprit de corps. Your cohorts will be your first line of resources. It has been shown on numerous research studies that peer-to-peer model of learning is more effective and beneficial than the one expert to many students learning model. It does not mean to skip your Chain of Command if you have questions or inquiries but if your issues or concerns are not immediate, start with your peers first. Most of your peers have probably engaged with similar tasks that you are encountering, so your questions would most probably be answered by them. In return, you also need to be available for your most junior peers and provide them with guidance. This will also develop you as a future leader and train you to be resourceful. The beauty of the Army is that everything that we do has a Regulation, Policy, Field Manual or some type of document that will provide you with guidance. You will also need to motivate each other on Physical Training, Board Preparation, Education and other tasks to make you successful.

Responsibility and Accountability. Use proper care, maintenance, handling and conservation of personnel, equipment, supplies and property. Ensure the section is well stocked at all times. Provide a safe and healthful work area for patients, staff and other soldiers. Accept responsibility for your own actions.


a. Accountability is the obligation of a person to keep an accurate record of property, documents, or funds. It is imposed by law, lawful order, or regulation.
b. Responsibility results from the possession of property or the command or supervision of others who have possession of property. It involves a basic obligation for the proper custody, care, use, and safekeeping of government property. Any person may incur responsibility of the care and custody of property, even when he/she has not signed a hand-receipt for it.
c. Use proper care, maintenance, handling and conservation of personnel, equipment, supplies and property. Ensure the section is well stocked at all times. Provide a safe and healthful work area for patients and other soldiers.
d. Personal responsibility is the relationship between a person and the property in his or her physical possession. It applies to all government property issued for, acquired for, or converted to the person s exclusive use, with or without hand-receipt. (Ref: AR 735-5, Section II, Chap 2-7 and 2-8).


o During this counseling session we have discussed your duties, responsibilities, short term and long term goals, your expectations of me as a leader and the basic standards you are expected to maintain as a Soldier and member of this team.

o Short term goals: (3)

o Long term goals: (3)

o You will be assigned, in the future, some extra duties that will help improve our systems and work place environment, such as, Fire Safety, UPC, Supply Coordinator, Schedule coordinator, etc.


o You can provide me with an Educational Plan before your next Monthly Counseling or I can initiate one for you.

o We will review the correspondence course catalogue and inform me of the course you would like to take and will eventually enroll in. We will review your progress during your quarterly or monthly counseling.

o Meet/Met with an education counselor on (date) _______ at the Education Center unless you have done so before.

o Begin studying for the Soldier of the Month Board. This will help you to prepare for the SGT Promotion Board. In order to be successful as a leader, try to consider the following recommendations:

o Show initiative in assisting and supporting special projects being developed and implemented by the Medical Center Staff, or of the Army Community i.e. Morale Committee, FRG, Red Cross, etc.

o Develop fresh ideas that provide solutions to all types of workplace challenges; think in terms of desired outcomes, not just reactive, quick solutions. Find ways to turn the ideal into reality. Experiment with new ideas, methodologies and procedures appropriately.

o Assessment of this plan of action will be conducted during your monthly counseling.


What you can expect from me is the following:
o I will ensure that you do the above to the utmost of my ability.
o I will ensure Soldier receives proper training in all areas of job performance.
o I will provide you motivation, direction, training and environment to learn and grow.
o If any problems should arise in the future, I will assist you in solving them. I am here to help you in any way possible.

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