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-Goal setting is a process that builds upon itself, as indicated by our circular model. This process encourages action and constantly changes as you change. As the Chinese proverb states, be not afraid of going slowly, be only afraid of standing still.

-Science has shown that goal setting is the most effective performance-enhancing strategy available to Soldiers.

-Goal setting packet attached to back.


Define Your Dream

Begin to define your dream. Ask yourself the following questions and be sensitive to the first thought or image that pops into your mind. This is a challenging yet crucial first step because it requires you to think creatively about what's really important to you. Your responses will be used to develop your Outcome Goal and its timeline.

Know Where You are Right Now

This is where reality sets in. The time for dreaming big must be balanced with an objectively honest self-analysis about where you are at this very moment, what assets you have to leverage, and what limitations are standing in your way.

Decide What You Need to Develop

At this point, you have two important pieces of information: (a) the dream and corresponding Outcome Goal where you want to go, and (b) the reality where you are now. In order to achieve your Outcome Goal, there are some main areas of your life that will require immediate attention and improvement. These will become your Big Rock Priorities.

Make a Plan for Steady Improvement

Once Priorities are set, the next step is to identify the specific actions you will take in addressing them, as well as the attitude you will bring to the actions. Both are necessary to bring about meaningful change.


Of the seven step processes of goal setting, the first four are to be completed and discussed with your leader.

-Be honest

-Be ambitious

-Try your hardest

-Do the second half of the packet, steps 5-7 when given.

-Reevaluate your goals and shift fire if need be.


-Give the subordinate time to complete the goal setting packet.

-Mentor during the goal setting processes, but the goal must be theirs.

-Listen and give feedback.

-Ensure the goal is being worked on continuously.

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