Recommendation for Green to Gold Program

Letter of Recommendation for SGT **************

1. I strongly endorse U.S. Army Sergeant ************** to be accepted into the U.S. Army Green to Gold Program. SGT ****'s work ethic, positive attitude and willingness to contribute to the *UNIT NAME* is a model example of a future Army Officer. SGT **** shows an impressive presence with Senior Officers and displays the strength of character that our Army seeks in its Commissioned Officers.

2. SGT **** is an adaptable leader who cares deeply about the mission and the taking care of Soldiers. This was demonstrated during his role as the Platoon Sergeant for #th Platoon, as he was responsible for the welfare, readiness, accountability, and training of over # Soldiers, NCOs, Officers and Civilians. SGT **** showed stature and maturity beyond his peers, and I can think of no one better prepared to become part of the Officer Corps.

3. As evidenced by his # GPA, SGT **** has demonstrated extraordinary capability, self-discipline, and mental toughness with his performance in leading the team through both Operation ****** and NAME OF EVENT. His reputation for dedication to duty and unit has spread among those that interact with him.

4. The point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at DSN or via email:

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