Letter of Recommendation, 1SG


SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for XXXXXXXX

1. It is with great pleasure that I recommend XXXXXXXX to be found fit for duty and continued service. I have been his Commander for the past two months and can personally attest to his intelligence, fortitude, and professionalism. His Soldiers, as well as his peers, confirm his exceptional qualities as a leader, trainer, and motivator. His injury has not limited him in any way as my Company 1SG.

2. 1SG XXXXXXXX has performed his duties in an exceptional manner. He possesses a depth of doctrinal knowledge seldom seen in an NCO of his rank. 1SG has the natural ability to express complicated and technical information clearly and concisely. His patience and compassion will guarantee his continued success as a leader.

3. I am convinced 1SG will be successful continuing his military career.

4. The point of contact for this document is the undersigned at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


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