Recommendation, Green to Gold Program


SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Green to Gold Program

1. Sergeant Nicole Estus' Green to Gold application carries my highest personal and professional endorsement. I can attest to her capacity to operate with minimal guidance which displays her ability to execute the disciplined initiative.

2. Sergeant Estus spearheaded the Squadron's effort in administratively deploying soldiers for multiple international exercises within the European theater. Her flawless execution and expertise was crucial for the deployment of our unit within 72 hours, allowing all the Soldiers to excel in the units' mission. In addition, her determination ensured RES S1 remained the best S1 section for Human Resource (HR) Metrics in the 2d Cavalry Regiment, and remained the best Battalion level S1 section for HR metrics in 7th Army Training Command.

3. Sergeant Estus is one of the Army's best and brightest junior leaders. She builds cohesive teams, cares for her people, and maintains the highest personal attributes expected of Commissioned Officers. If selected, I am confident she will excel and be an asset to any organization.

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