Recommendation for Soldier of the Month

SSG Crowley leads by example, displaying unwavering dedication to the mission and a genuine concern for the well-being of his peers. He fosters a positive and inclusive environment within our unit, actively mentoring and motivating fellow soldiers to excel in their roles. His effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities have not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also strengthened the camaraderie among our team members. SSG Crowley's outstanding performance is a testament to his commitment to our unit's success and the embodiment of the qualities we seek in a Soldier of the Month. I wholeheartedly endorse his nomination and believe he is a deserving candidate for this prestigious award.

SSG Crowley is a competent Soldier who constantly pushed himself and those around him above the standard. Over the past 12 months he accomplished the following:

a. SSG Crowley attended Air Assault School in Fort Campbell, KY. He graduated with distinction, placing first in the final 12 mile foot march.

b. SSG Crowley shot 40/40 on his most recent table 6 qualification.

c. SSG Crowley scored a 600/600 on his most recent PT test.

d. SSG Crowley participated in the NOIRDES-Joint Exercise in Brest-Litovsk Poland. During this exercise his Squad was recognized at the Battalion level as the highest performing Squad during the joint exercise.

e. SSG Crowley participated in and completed the International Four Days Marches and Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

f. SSG Crowley volunteered to run remedial PT after 1700 in order to assist his platoon mates who were struggling to pass the ACFT.

SSG Crowley is an outstanding Soldier and team player. Not only does he far out-perform his peers physically and in basic soldier tasks, he shows great promise as a leader.

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