Command Recommendation


SUBJECT: Command Recommendation for SPC (P) Barnes

1. SPC. Barnes is among the most selfless, hard working and performance oriented SPC (P) I have had the honor to work with. She displays a professional demeanor and is enthusiastic about being a member of the O9Ls Company and supporting CJTF-OIR.

2. As an Active Duty Soldier assigned to O9Ls Company, SPC Barnes has been an essential member of the team offering invaluable expertise and insight. While successfully performing as the translator for CJTF-OIR's missions, she has provided noteworthy contributions to her team. She also offers a vast knowledge in the translation arena. SPC Barnes demonstrated her exceptional work ethic in her professional career by outperforming her peers at the PLDC; she has also displayed that same dedication in her personal life by obtaining her high level of education.

3. SPC Barnes is an exemplary Specialist that goes out of her way to help, mentor and ensure the welfare of the Soldiers within her unit. Her upbeat personality and willingness to help leaves an unforgettable impression. Her intellect, versatility and experience will ensure success in future positions such as NCO. SPC Barnes has unlimited potential to further contribute to the CJTF-OIR, CJ2 on language and translation; the organization will lose an asset if she is not retained.

4. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit this letter on behalf of a truly professional future noncommissioned officer. If there are any questions in regards to this, please contact the undersigned at

MAJ. Abdelazeem, Amr (USA)
TLM/FDO Manager

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