Letter of Recommendation for Enlistment

13 February 2019


MEMORANDUM FOR Commander USAREC, (RCHS-SVD), 1307 Third Avenue,Fort Knox, KY 40121-2726

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for (Name)

1. About recommender, years of service, position held, additional duties, recent accomplishments.

2. It is with great pleasure that I recommend (name) to enlist in the United States Army. I have known him for quite some time and can personally attest to his intelligence, fortitude, and professionalism. His supervisor, peers and subordinates can confirm his exceptional qualities as a great leader, trainer, and motivator in his field of banking.

3. (name) has the natural ability to express complicated and technical information clearly and concisely. His ability to provide purpose, direction and motivation will serve him well as a leader in this ever changing Army. He recognizes the value of deferring to a superior and it does not take a hit to his pride when he is no longer in charge of something. I can say without a doubt that I would be proud to serve alongside him.

4. (name) has had some past mistakes that will forever be on his record. He took this mistake and turned it into a life lesson and learned from it. He did not let it affect his character, rather build from it. I believe strongly in his potential for success. I hope you will accept his application for enlistment in the United States Army.

5. If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at ***-***-**** or at k.a.b.mil@mail.mil.

Company First Sergeant

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