Recommendation for Commendation

1. I am requesting a commendation for Cadet Staff Sergeant Ian Sanford.

a. Cadet Staff Sergeant Sanford conducts himself above and beyond what is expected of other Cadets of his grade and position. His readiness, passion, skill, and knowledge far exceed the standard, not occasionally but consistently.

b. On December 30 at the shoot house, a support beam on the front of the facility was knocked down by the wind and caused building instability and the garage door to collapse upon a supporting wall. I immediately cleared the front rooms near the beam as well as the front of the building. I then called for additional help and delegated responsibility for accountability to Cadet Sergeant Sanford. Sergeant Sanford was prepared in minutes to give me specific details about the numbers and locations of the Cadets in his platoon.

c. Upon receiving a directive from Dr. Robert Montague, I delegated movement to Sergeant Sanford. Cadet Sanford quickly and safely moved all of the Cadets in his care out the rear of the building and away from harm. He then immediately conducted accountability by delegating to junior personnel. At this time Cadet Sanford was challenged by another Cadet. In response, Sergeant Sanford, with tact, respect, and authority advised them that he was carrying out his orders and then provided that Cadet with purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish his assigned mission.

2. Any questions or concerns please contact the undersigned at (859) 940-8800.

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