Letter of Recommendation, Warrant Officer


17 Oct 14

MEMORANDUM FOR President, Warrant Officer Accession Board

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Selection as a Warrant Officer
SMITH, ROBERT A. (123-45-6789) Regional SATCOM Support Center (RSSC) - EUR

1. I strongly recommend SFC Smith to be selected as a Warrant Officer in either MOS 250N, Network Management Technician or 254A, Signal Systems Support Technician. I have observed SFC Smith over the past several months and during that time he has consistently impressed me with both his technical and leadership skills.

2. SFC Smith is currently working as the Ground Mobile Forces (GMF) Control Supervisor in the Regional SATCOM Support Center (RSSC) - EUR, where he plans, engineers, and coordinates satellite communications network accesses for four unified combatant commanders. In this function he interacts great with people from all services, government civilians, and even other country representatives. He has represented the Space and Missile Defense Command and the Army well in many missions and consistently displayed competence and abilities expected of a Warrant Officer.

3. SFC Smith will surely benefit the Army by serving as a Network Management Technician for many reasons. He has all the correct skills and proven experience in tough, high tempo organizations. What really makes him the correct choice to be a 250N is his determination to succeed. During Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, SFC Smith led his eight-man team into a hostile area and installed a communication network in two hours versus the eight hour average. Additionally, he earned the distinction of Honor Graduate during his ANCOC attendance and also secured a place on the Commandant's list. I am fully confident that he will represent the Warrant Officer Corps superbly.

4. I am available for further discussion of this matter at Commercial (123) 456-7890.

Major, MI

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