Letter of Recommendation


13 Oct 17



1. I am privileged to write in support of one of our members, SGT John Sims. SGT Sims was assigned to our workcenter immediately after AIT and has worked here for almost two years. During that time I have witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of combat arms, but in maturity and character as well.

2. SGT Sims arrived here as a PV2, eager to make his mark and expecting to make quick progress through the ranks. At first, he had difficulty accepting his place as a young, less experienced Soldier and resented the efforts of his superiors to further his training. But eventually, he learned the valuable trait of humility and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from his older peers and supervisors.

3. He quickly learned to manage his time, work in group situations under strict deadlines, and to recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and integrity. He has become the most valuable and dependable member of our section and is a role model for newly assigned Soldiers.

4. I recommend SGT Sims to the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX program with absolute confidence. He has made me proud, as his friend and supervisor, and I am sure will continue to do so as he grows in your program and beyond.

NCOIC, A Battery

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