Letter of Recommendation for OCS

MEMORANDUM THRU Commander, 2d Infantry Division, Camp Casey, APO, AP 96224

FOR Commander, Eighth US Army, Yongsan Garrison, APO AP 96205

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Officer Candidate School (PYLE, DERRICK S. XXX-XX-1234; B Troop, 4th Squadron 7th Cavalry Regiment)

1. I wholeheartedly recommend SSG Derrick Pyle for acceptance to the Officer Candidate School (OCS) program. SSG Pyle is an exceptional leader and displays all of the attributes needed to perform the duties of an Officer in the United States Army. His attention to detail and desire to serve are evident in his character and dedication to his Soldiers.

2. From my knowledge of SSG Pyle's job performance over the last two years, especially when I served as Commander, United States Army Garrison (USAG) - Casey, he is among the top five percent of Non-Commissioned Officers I've seen over my career.

3. SSG Pyle consistently displays the unique ability to accomplish missions within a resource constrained environment. SSG Pyle now serves as the Senior Fire Support NCO in the Squadron and consistently trains fellow fire support NCOs and Officers at the Squadron and Troop level. This is just one example of SSG Pyle's superior leadership ability and potential.

4. SSG Pyle is also in charge of all Fires in support of Blackfoot Troop, 4/7 CAV, 1HBCT and has conducted 14 Live fire exercises, always exceeding the standard. This remarkable Non-Commissioned Officer, whose potential is unlimited, would make an excellent addition to the Officer Corps and the Army would definitely benefit from his leadership ability.

5. I strongly recommend this outstanding NCO without hesitation for selection to Officer Candidate School. Again, if SSG Pyle is selected for this honor, I am confident that all Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers he comes in contact will benefit from his values, work ethic and professionalism.

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