FLARNG Letter of Recommendation



FOR The Adjutant General

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for SGT Sample (1804)

1. I, SFC Sample, recommend SGT Sample (1804) with absolute confidence that I am making the correct decision and advise the board members to retain SGT Sample in the FLARNG and the AGR program for the following reasons.

2. SGT Sample, is an intelligent, mature individual who learns easily, retains what he is taught, and is able to apply his knowledge in his daily work. He always produces quality work, even under stress, and is completely reliable. Sergeant Sample's job performance is outstanding. In addition, he communicates well with supervisors and peers alike. He's also very courteous and his appearance is an example to others.

3. After reviewing SGT Sample packet, I am convinced that SGT Sample made a mistake by not going to the doctor like I advised him to; he did not want to miss time from work. He was just trying not to leave anything pending prior to him leaving for school.

4. It is my intent to recommend probation for SGT Sample (1804). Please allow him to stay in the AGR program and in the FLARNG. This soldier is an asset to Support Company. I SFC Sample desire that this would also be the intent of the FL Adjutant General.

5. POC for this memorandum is the undersigned at 123-456-7890 or Sample.mil@mail.mil

          SFC, FLARNG
          Readiness NCO


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