Lost and Found E-mails

Subject: Emergency Blackberry Inventory

To all,
The 219th TSB is conducting an annual equipment inventory. We are still missing a few Blackberry phones and would appreciate any help with tracking them down. We are asking that everyone who has a government-issued Blackberry to e-mail SPC Johnson with the serial number as well as information on any old Blackberries found in desk drawers or lying around the office. We really appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Very respectfully,
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Subject: All Points Bulletin! Lost Sony Digital Camera


LOST: 2nd Bn, 503d Sony Digital Camera

LAST SEEN: Friday, 7 Oct in HQ Bldg


POC: MSG Lewis, DSN 555-5678

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Subject: LOST & FOUND Enquiry Response Letter

Dear (Guest name),

Regretfully the item mentioned in your correspondence email/mail as being lost has not been turned into our Lost and Found Department. I have personally checked our Lost and Found log and the security locker.

(In case additional information is required about the lost item)

I have enclosed a request for additional information form. Please provide the details.

The information you have given me will be kept in our file. If your missing item should be turned in in the future, we will inform you accordingly and will make the necessary arrangements to courier you the same at the following address:

Mailing Address as per the hotel records:

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