Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) VS Chapter Decision

26 MAY 2017


MEMORANDUM For Letter of Review, on behalf of myself, SGT John T. G

SUBJECT: MEB VS. Chapter Decision

1. Sir, I formally and humbly request permission to continue in my Medical Board proceedings as a United States Army Active component Soldier.

2. I enlisted in the Active component in January 2011 and served four years honorably and received no disciplinary action during that time. In 2015, I underwent a great amount of scrutiny during a Criminal Investigation after an allegation of sexual assault was brought against me which ultimately proved to be unfounded. I did own up to my mistake and received an Article 15 for an improper relationship with a Soldier junior in rank and, because of that action, I was appropriately punished. I realize now, not only how rewarding my time in the Army was, but also, how incompatible such relationships are to good order and discipline. I sincerely regret the actions that caused such problems to my unit and my life.

3. To my credit, during the year before I became involved in the improper relationship, my ex-wife constantly harassed me through the Army and the court system using our son as a weapon which put relentless stress on me but I continued to drive on and give 100 percent to the unit and the Army.

4. In addition, in the time prior to the outcome of the CID investigation, there were no negative actions taken against me. I am not an innocent party and have made mistakes but I have grown and matured and now have a stable and supportive family life that has helped me to devote myself to military service for the remainder of my time in the service.

5. In short, the circumstances that resulted in my non-judicial punishment no longer exist and I will not make those mistakes again. I am preparing for my life after the Army, one that would be made much easier with the continuation of the Medical Board Proceedings. I am an overall good soldier who made some mistakes. Please consider the dedicated efforts I made for junior Soldiers and what both my peers and superiors seem to think of me as a Soldier. Thank you for allowing me to submit this letter on my behalf and for the opportunity to leave the Army with my head held high.

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