Lease Termination Memorandum

09 January 2020



SUBJECT: Termination of Lease

1. In accordance with NCGS ยง 42-45, SPC Jody Smith hereby requests, in writing, lease termination of the domicile in which he currently resides located at ___ADDRESS___. Notice of termination for this lease agreement will be the date of this written notification.

2. SPC Jody Smith has been identified as a required asset for a short notice mobilization deployment which will exceed 90 days.

3. Due to constraints outside the control of SPC Jody Smith, there are no official mobilization orders available at this time to present with this correspondence. If official orders are required by the property management firm or lesser, an unclassified copy will be presented as soon as they are made available to the Service Member. In the event that the Service Member does not receive orders prior to departure, an unclassified copy of the orders will be provided to the property management firm or lesser on their behalf by someone serving in a Rear Detachment leadership capacity.

4. SPC Jody Smith understands that the lease termination of domicile is effective 30 days after providing notice and agrees to have the premisis completely and properly cleaned and vacated prior to departure.

5. The Point of Contact for this memorandum is MAJ Metcalf, Jonathan, Charlie Company at or by phone at (321) 123-4567.


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