Promotion Board Recommendation Example

15R Crew Chief

SPC Ramos is an outstanding and capable soldier. He has a positive attitude and is an outstanding example to his peers and subordinates. Over the past 22 months, SPC Ramos has accomplished the following:

a. SPC Ramos was involved with three YTC rotations with Alpha Company. In his most recent YTC rotation, he excelled in his position as maintainer, working countless hours to ensure that the fleet of five aircraft sustained a mission capable status.

b. SPC Ramos has been assigned many duties such as TMDE and ARMS room alternate. He is held to a standard much higher than what is expected of him at his current rank and continues to prove to his leadership that he is always dedicated to making sure everything is taken care of.

c. SPC Ramos played a key role in ensuring aircraft were ready during aircraft transfers. His hard work enabled the company to correct all deficiencies in a timely manner, which resulted in two aircraft being transferred to Fort Rucker's flight training program. In addition, he contributed to trouble shooting efforts with armament while being the APU Runner.

d. SPC Ramos is a highly dedicated and motivated soldier. He is always up for whatever task is given to him and he always ensures that everything is done correctly and to the best of his ability. His dedication to the Army proves to his superiors, peers, and subordinates that he is ready to join the Corps of Noncommissioned Officers and to lead soldiers.

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