Promotion Board Requirements Memorandum

20 March 2019



SUBJECT: Company Promotion Board Attendance Requirements

1. To promote individual initiative, career advancement and reduce the number of Soldiers within C/3-82 GSAB waiting to attend Basic Leader Course (BLC) and Advance Leader Course (ALC) due to having low promotion points, the following Company standard will be implemented.

2. Eligibility requirements for the SGT/SSG Promotion Board are listed below.

a. Eligible Soldiers in the rank of SPC and CPL with 17 months Time in Service (TIS) and 5 months Time in Grade (TIG).

b. Eligible Soldiers in the rank of SGT with 47 months TIS and 6 months TIG.

c. Eligible Soldiers must meet the height and weight standards as outlined in the Army Body Composition Program AR 600-9 dated 28 June 2013.

d. Eligible Soldiers must have passed the Army Physical Fitness Test within 6 months of the Promotion Board.

e. Eligible Soldiers must have a current weapons qualification card.

f. Eligible Soldiers must have completed either Structured Self-Development (SSD) or Distributed Leader Course (DLC). Soldiers have six months to complete SSD or DLC once they are enrolled.

g. Eligible Soldiers in the rank of SPC and CPL must complete 200 Correspondence Course Hours, and in the rank of SGT must complete 400 Correspondence Course Hours. Eligible Soldiers have six months to complete the required Correspondence Course Hours once they are in the primary zone for promotion.

h. Eligible Soldiers must be counseled by Platoon leadership recommending promotion board attendance. Platoon leadership must highlight the eligible Soldier's observed leadership skills, resulting in the Soldier being recommended.

3. Eligible Soldiers within the primary zone for promotion that fail to meet these requirements within six months will be barred from continued service due to being noncompetitive for promotion, in accordance with Army Directive 2016-19 (Retaining a Quality Noncommissioned Officer Corps).

4. Point of contact for this memorandum is 1SG Thomas Paine at or XXX-XXX-XXXX.


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