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To whom it may concern,

I am a soon to be graduate of OCS and commissioned officer in the Infantry Branch, I am seeking ways to broaden my career experience. In that spirit, attending another nation's officer training course, especially one tailored to infantry like Sandhurst, is an exciting professional opportunity for a young soldier such as myself.

As a future infantry officer, it is my opinion that the best way to serve the Army is to make sure that I am the best and all that I can be as an officer. Attending Sandhurst would allow me to represent the United States to an important ally well through character, leadership, and grit. Being able to go to a school like Sandhurst would provide the US Army with a more well rounded, tougher, and tactically sound officer.

Sandhurst will teach me how to work with officers and soldiers from an allied nation, place me in an environment where I am the outsider and have to navigate the social situation of not being in my "home" territory. The school will add another layer to my knowledge of tactics, sustainment, and interpersonal relationships that I can come and teach to my fellow officers and soldiers. Interpersonal relationships will be incredibly valuable and unique to Sandhurst as I will learn how to communicate and navigate different cultures. This will create an even more well rounded professional that can help push the US Army in its efforts to grow and face the challenges of the 21st century.

OC Harris

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