Request to Reinstate Driving Privileges


Personal Memorandum for Reinstatement of Driving Privileges

1. The following points depict the situation/incident that occurred on 02 APR 2024:

a. I, 1LT C_________, was pulled over for speeding on 02 APR 2024. My company command was notified and subsequently counseled and flagged me. I apologize and acknowledge that my actions were wrong and were unbecoming for an Army Officer and will work diligently to prove that this incident doesn't accurately represent my character and potential.

b. After being issued my charges, my command counseled and flagged me, in addition to a Form 1502 issued by the PMO. Following this, I took initiative and registered myself immediately for the Fort Campbell Remedial Drivers Course to reeducate myself and act in building my packet for 'Early/Limited Reinstatement of Driving Privileges'. This is immensely important to me not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. During this time, I have been observing my active Form 1502 and have been utilizing a bike to get around on base. This has given me time to reflect on my actions and reassess my mindset when behind the wheel. In conclusion, I'd like to sincerely apologize for my actions and hope to regain my driving privileges so that I may become a better asset to my platoon and to my own family.

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