Motorcycle Safety Brief

This post has had several motorcycle mishaps that have resulted in fatal injuries to our fellow Soldiers recently. Two significant factors in these accidents have been lack of training and improper protective equipment. To help ensure our motorcycle riders are compliant with all safety regulations, I am instituting no-notice spot checks at the gate within the next two weeks. Non-compliant riders may be denied access to post or forced to park their bikes until compliant.

Specific items spot inspections will check include:

- Wear of all base-required protective equipment (including over-the-ankle boots, long pants, long sleeved shirt, and full-fingered gloves)

- DOT-certified helmet (i.e., Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Std No. 218, Snell Std M2005, UNECE Std 22.05, or British Std 6658)

- Military members possess documentation of completion of the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course

- Military sport motorcycle riders possess documentation of completion of the Military Sportbike Riders Course

- The outer garment will be brightly-colored during the day and reflective at night

- Reflective belt will be worn on any backpack-type object covering the brightly-colored/reflective garment unless the backpack is brightly-colored with reflective properties

Non-compliance may result in the following:

- Non-Active Duty military operators may be denied access to the post. They will be allowed to ride their motorcycle when departing post as long as they meet state law requirements

- Active Duty military operators (including members in active status) may be prohibited from riding a motorcycle until they obtain proper protective equipment and/or complete training

- Individual's Commander will be notified

I appreciate the contributions all our Soldiers make towards our national defense. My responsibility is to ensure you remain safe while doing so. If you are a motorcycle rider, I ask that you continue to comply with required protective equipment requirements and training. If you supervise a motorcycle rider, I ask that you confirm your rider's compliance for their safety and to ensure they continue to have access to the base.

If you have any questions, please contact the Safety Office at (912) 767-7880 or DSN: 870-7880.

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