U.S. Military Decorations Order of Precedence

Reference: DA PAM 670-1, dated 26 January 2021

22-5. Order of precedence within categories of medals

a. U.S. military decorations. U.S. military decorations authorized for wear on Army uniforms are listed below in order of precedence.

1. Medal of Honor (Army, Navy, and Air Force)

2. Distinguished Service Cross

3. Navy Cross

4. Air Force Cross

5. Coast Guard Cross

6. Defense Distinguished Service Medal

7. Distinguished Service Medal (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard)

8. Silver Star

9. Defense Superior Service Medal

10. Legion of Merit

11. Distinguished Flying Cross

12. Soldier's Medal

13. Navy and Marine Corps Medal

14. Airman's Medal

15. Coast Guard Medal

16. Bronze Star Medal

17. Purple Heart

18. Defense Meritorious Service Medal

19. Meritorious Service Medal

20. Air Medal

21. Aerial Achievement Medal

22. Joint Service Commendation Medal

23. Army Commendation Medal

24. Navy Commendation Medal

25. Air Force Commendation Medal

26. Coast Guard Commendation Medal

27. Joint Service Achievement Medal

28. Army Achievement Medal

29. Navy Achievement Medal

30. Air Force Achievement Medal

31. Coast Guard Achievement Medal

32. Combat Action Ribbon (Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard)

33. Air Force Combat Action Medal

Medal of Honor
Distinguished Service Cross
Navy Cross
Air Force Cross
Coast Guard Cross
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Army Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star
Defense Superior Service Medal
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross
Soldier's Medal
Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Airman's Medal
Coast Guard Medal
Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Medal
Aerial Achievement Medal
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Navy Commendation Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
Coast Guard Commendation Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Navy Achievement Medal
Air Force Achievement Medal
Coast Guard Achievement Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Air Force Combat Action Ribbon