Non-U.S. Service Awards

Reference: DA PAM 670-1, dated 26 January 2021

22-5. Order of precedence within categories of medals

i. The following non-U.S. service awards, listed in order of precedence, are authorized for wear on the Army uniform when at least one U.S. decoration, service medal, or ribbon is worn at the same time. An individual may not wear any other foreign service medal, unless the wearer was awarded such medal while a bonafide member of the armed forces of a friendly foreign nation and has received HQDA approval to wear the medal or ribbon. See AR 600-8-22 for application procedures to request authorization to accept and wear foreign service medals or ribbons.

1. Philippine Defense Ribbon

2. Philippine Liberation Ribbon

3. Philippine Independence Ribbon

4. United Nations Service Medal

5. Inter-American Defense Board Medal

6. United Nations Medal

7. North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal

8. Multinational Force and Observers Medal

9. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

10. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)

11. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Government of Kuwait)

12. Republic of Korea War Service Medal