Job Performance Award Bullets


SPC Ramos has been a critical asset to the platoon in regards to maintenance and operation of the Strykers. Since Operation Iron Wolf in Lithuania, his performance has been on a steady incline. He has been consistent in maintaining his own vehicle by applying what he has learned while diligently working on the Stryker vehicle.

SPC Ramos was vital to the integration of new drivers into the squad. We received two new drivers and he swiftly and effectively took the new drivers in and passed on his knowledge and improved comprehension of and confidence in the vehicle.

Upon returning to camp Vilseck from Lithuania, SPC Ramos successfully completed Dragoon Individual Soldier training where he demonstrated proficiency in his Dragoon tasks and responsibilities as a soldier in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.

Upon returning from leave, SPC Ramos aggressively searched for mechanics to repair a variety of failed parts in our vehicles, returning XX to service using only organic resources and saving the Army over $XXXX.

Gun Truck Platoon Soldier

1. SGT Adam is an outstanding NCO who played a integral part in the overall success of the 378 CSSB. He was assigned as a team leader in Truck Platoon (DET). Truck Platoon (DET) was a hastily assembled team consisting of personnel from five units. SGT Adam was a standout Solider who flawlessly executed his duties as truck commander.

2. SGT Adam mentored and developed the Soldiers that were under his leadership. Despite unfavorable training conditions, he always carried himself in a professional manner and demonstrated consistent flexibility. SGT Adam was always willing to go on additional short notice missions when volunteers were required.

3. SGT Adam conducted a total of 12 missions, most of which he coordinated with the convoy commander, and led up to 30 truck element sized missions through challenging terrain under austere conditions. SGT Adam was directly involved in the safe transport of 70,000 gallons of water, 150,000 gallons of fuel, over 40 class IX repair parts, and two vehicle recovery operations.

92F Petroleum Supply Specialist

PFC Long Phan served 12 months as a Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F) for 6-52 Air Defense Artillery (ADA) ALPHA Battery and was responsible for dispersing 10,000 gallons of JP8 at a unit price of $4.23 during his tenure. He participated in a six-day Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) Dragon Stance and supplied 400 gallons of petroleum in a support misson to Bravo Battery's Electronic Power Plant (EPP), Generators for launcher equipment, and Drash.

27A Trial Counsel

CPT Romeyn served as the Trial Counsel for the 11th MP BDE for two years as a TPU and for two and a half years on ADOS orders. He responded to the command team's high profile Brigade-wide UNSAT reduction. He successfully planned and executed a process to reduce the backlog of legal actions throughout the Brigade. He reduced the Number of Unsatisfactory Participants from over 16% and reduced it to the USARC standards once actioned by a higher echelon. Additionally, CPT Romeyn processed well over a 100 actions while preserving the SM's rights.

CPT Romeyn served as a legal advisor or legal reviewer on 67 AR 15-6 investigations and 17 Financial Loss and Property investigations. His efforts ensured Commanders had the best information to base decisions on and ensure good order and discipline while ensuring a fair process that preserved the SM's rights. Further, CPT Romeyn assisted with the recovery of over $700,000 worth of equipment while serving as a FLIPL legal advisor.

CPT Romeyn served as the trial counsel advisor on at least 20 Separation boards ensuring that Soldiers had their fair opportunity to be heard.

CPT Romeyn routinely made himself available outside of duty as a status to peers and Commanders throughout the brigade earning the reputation as a reliable and trusted sounding board on a variety of issues. CPT Romeyn tirelessly worked with Command teams not just to answer legal questions but to prevent problems from beginning.

Ammo Supply Point (ASP)

SPC Woodall was chosen to assist the Fort Jackson Ammo Supply Point (ASP) for a two-week mission. She inventoried and issued over 500,000 rounds of ammunition ensuring units received the right allocations. Her efforts resulted in effective qualification training and 100% accountability of all ammunition during all turn-ins.

Sergeant Badjie has supported the Ammo mission for the whole Brigade and transported over 30,000 rounds with no issues or any accidents. His outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts to make sure the missions were completed on time resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of over 45 training and qualification ranges.

68C NCOIC, Medical Surgical Services

During her tenure as the NCOIC of Medical Surgical Services, successfully implemented MHS GENESIS Go-Live across the section by ensuring 200 staff (civilians, contractors, and military) completed the computer-based and face-to-face training resulting in positive accolades from DHA on TAMC's successful MHS GENESIS Go-Live.

Brigade Assistant S2

CPT Lorenza W. Ruffin distinguished himself as a Brigade Assistant S2 OC/T for Headquarters Company 177th Armored Brigade. He consistently coordinated with outside agencies, such as Keesler AFB, Foundry ARISC Fort Polk, and DIA Washington D.C., to meet Brigade Commanders training requirements. CPT Ruffin excelled ahead of his peers by achieving Army intelligence goals, OC/T training, and reaching command recruiting goals with intuitive community engagement projects, recruiting five recruits, and increasing the brigade's reach on social media.

Armor Crewman

Serving as a Tank Commander and Platoon Sergeant during Talisman Sabre 23, SGT Phillips' efforts were integral within his platoon. Serving in a position higher than his grade, he played a vital role, ensuring 100 percent accountability of soldiers and equipment. He worked closely with the Australian Army Tank Company and Enablers, initiating an attack with audacity and helping to shape future plans and operations. He was instrumental in American and Australian forces as the spearhead of the echelon leading to the success of the operations.

Access Database

Mrs. Roberts worked tirelessly to build an Access database to track all individuals who are enrolled in the UAP program which alleviated past issues in access personnel records.

25B Information Technology Specialist

Resolved critical network downtime with granted system administrator permissions to allow mission capability in KFAB. Resolution restored critical VOIP, NIPR/SIPR workstations, network switches, and SNAP terminal.

Forward Observer

PFC Boles was required to be the primary FO for his PLT even though it was his first training rotation. His knowledge and ability as an FO allowed his PLT to maneuver freely during live fires and complete their mission. Though being in a position well above his pay grade, PFC Boles showed ability and poise needed to be a primary FO in the future, while out performing some of his peers.

Deployment Management


42A Human Resources Specialist

SPC Feather was specifically responsible for awards, leave, finance, levy, and promotions but also assisted in other areas whenever needed. She was looked upon as a subject matter expert in multiple sections and was always ready to help anyone in need. As an awards clerk, SPC Feather processed over 900 awards with accuracy and timeliness. Her attention to detail and open communication ensured smooth processing and trust from all involved. She improved in-processing procedures to ensure refined quality control for all incoming Soldiers.

Casualty Reporting

SPC Agee demonstrated exceptional leadership skills while cross-training her peers. She showed them how to speak eloquently when conducting telephonic training as well as how to present in person. She showed subordinates how to manipulate and articulate practical exercises to give a realistic approach to casualty recording. SPC Agee's training resulted in dozens of Brigades and Battalions gaining access to systems and grasp a wider knowledge and competence to casualty reporting.

SPC Agee attended a conference in Manama, Bahrain. Her knowledge and eagerness to succeed in the mission has set her apart from her peers and has fostered a remarkable working environment. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt during her training has been integral to the mission. SPC Agee's superior military bearing has resulted in her being able to attend and present at the conference and give detailed training on Defense Casualty Information Processing Systems.

Aviation Operations

Soldier assisted in conducting manned and unmanned teaming with 2-6 combat aviation brigade. Soldier is the first operator to successfully conduct the operation within the division.

Law Enforcement

As a Military Police Soldier, SPC Morris performed countless duties. He conducted patrol operations for 24 months, investigating and closing over 90 cases. In addition, he processed over 4,500 vehicles daily while assigned to access control. His diligent performance and knowledge was vital to the safety and well-being of the Fort Carson community of over 72,000 Soldiers and family members.

Logistics Operations

SGT Pagan's keen sense of knowledge and eagerness to succeed in the mission fostered a truly remarkable working environment. His attention to detail and ability to adapt during the GCSS-Army conversion, enabled 14 Soldiers in the Supply Support Activity to be trained to standard. He ensured all incoming National Guard Soldiers were properly trained in their section, as well as cross trained to assist others. His attention to detail and selflessness were essential to the success of adding ____lines to the recent ASL review.

Automated Logistics Specialist

SPC Jones excelled in his duties as a Automated Logistics Specialist (92A) despite having been trained in the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (91B). He saved the Army over $700,000 by conducting a mass turn-in of over 100 excess lines of Class IX parts. He superbly managed the Exchange Price listing resulting in 100 percent accountability for all recoverable items. SPC Jones continuous quest for mission completion provided inspiration to all Soldiers and exemplified the true meaning of duty.

Annual Training

Specialist Maraman showed enthusiasm and spirit while performing his duties during Annual Training 2016. He maintained a fluid schedule throughout annual training completing in excess of 60 working hours sustaining radio communications, as well as train the 223rd MP and 428th MP on JCR.

Infantry Training

While serving with 4th Squadron 2d Cavalry Regiment, SGT Millard participated in every major training event and range since 2011. SGT Millard was a gunner during five Styker Crew Gunnery's earning two distinguished and three superior ratings. SGT Millard also certified as part of a team during three Section, Platoon and Troop Live Fire Exercises (LFX). SGT Millard distinguished himself above his peers during Saber Junction, Saber Sharpener and Allied Spirit with a total of 40 vehicles destroyed and 20 enemy dismounts killed or captured.

NCO of the Year

Displaying broad professional knowledge and superior military bearing resulted in Staff Sergeant Flurkey's selection, over nine other Non-Commissioned Officers, as the Battalion's Outstanding Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year representitive, providing a model of excellence and the Army Total Soldier Concept for all Soldiers assigned to the BN to emulate.

Hazardous Material Management

SGT Diaz worked endlessly to set-up a Hazardous Material satellite point which consists of Class III Petroleum Oil and Lubricants and household goods and over $15,000 in Hazardous materials. Established the Battalion's Safety Data Sheets program ensuring all Hazardous materials were in compliance with OSHA and CAARNG Hazardous Material and Waste Management Plan and Army Regulation 200-1 Environmental Protection and Enhancement. SGT Diaz's work has ensured a safe and healthy environment for HHC 3/140th AVN.

Combatives Training

SPC Jodie's selfless efforts resulted in the graduation of over 400 students from Combatives Level 1 and 2. These students benefited from receiving expert Combatives training as well as promotion points for completing either the 40-hour Combatives Level 1 class or the 80-hour Combatives level 2 class. She also provided mentorship and leadership development opportunities for young Soldiers by giving them an opportunity to execute duties as the class leader.

SPC lightyear ensured that the community had access to Combative Level 1 and Level 2 instructors with training in proper Combative techniques. She directed her team of instructors with competent and confident leadership. She ensured that students of all skill levels trained properly, safely, and intensely in order to meet the high standards of the curriculum. Her training also resulted in improved cardiorespiratory endurance and increased strength of all students.

SPC Mama volunteered over 600 hours of her personal time, instructing Combatives Level 1 and Combatives Level 2 to Soldiers and Officers stationed at Camp Arifjan. In addition to her regular duties, SPC Buford instructed six to eight hours per day, six days per week in order to ensure students fully grasped the concepts and skills necessary to graduate Combatives Level 1 and 2, instilling in every student the warrior ethos and the confidence to defend themselves in hand to hand combat.


While assigned to (Unit Name), SPC Sue was responsible for and accounted for over $160,000 dollars worth of equipment. She made sure that maintence and services were up to date on all of her equipment resulting in no deficiencies. She ensured that all 84 personnel in the company were fitted properly for their mask and that it functioned properly.


Upon SPC James's arrival to 41st FiB, he was eager to work and motivated to learn everything about being a Signal soldier. He was the RTO for numerous ranges, ensuring that the radios that were available were fully functional. He assisted 1-21 Field Artillery Battalion in preparing for their NATO Deployment by training operators and troubleshooting communcations equipment.

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

SPC Bowers performed in a superior manner during the 82nd Special Troops Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) his hard work and dedication played a vital role in the success of the Official Mail Postal Operation course training. SPC Bowers continuously worked through his personal time to ensure the staging, field preparation, and training aids were all in order for the FTX. SPC Bowers' expertise, professionalism and superb work ethic resulted in overall mission success.

Help Desk Technician

Working at the Help Desk as a Help Desk Technician she provided assistance creating accounts, unlocking accounts, password resets and providing constant connectivity on all enclaves for over 3000 users entering, leaving, and currently at Camp Phoenix including many different foreign militaries. Her dedication and sense of duty has made her not only an asset to the XXth Signal Company and the XXth Signal BN but of all of Camp XXXX.

Property Book Officer (PBO)

During his period, CW2 Sharp performed the responsibilities of two positions within the Bn Staff, BN Property Book Officer (PBO) for three years and as the Bn S-4. He has performed solidly at both. As the PBO he expertly maintained 28 property books totaling in value more than $52,500,000. He coordinated the BN's efforts to efficiently close 159 lateral transfers that included 333 pieces of equipment, and 208 turn-ins that included 732 pieces of equipment, completing all on time.

Additional Duties

In addition to his assignment as the BN S3 NCOIC, SFC Smith also served as the Battalion CBRN Staff NCO, Battalion Ammunition Manager, Unit Status Report (USR) NCO, S2 NCOIC, Battalion Schools NCO, Battalion Security Manager, and the Battalion Anti-Terrorism Officer. SFC Smith worked weekends and devoted his personal time to perform all his additional duties in an impeccable manner. He accomplished this working with only 50% authorized personnel strength in the S3 Section.


SSG Heustis served as the Ammunition Range NCOIC during all the 541st CSSB's M16 Zero and Qualification Ranges for 432 personnel. SSG Heustis took the lead in the preparation, and execution of all range requirements and supervised the movement of all equipment for range set up. His leadership and experience in safety and range operations resulted in the critical weapons training to all Soldiers within the Battalion.

Orderly Room

From the moment SGT Blank came back from the 40 hour Unit Prevention Leader course, he immediately assumed responsibility and gathered all equipment needed to perform urinalysis. As Apache Troop's UPL, no Soldier ever provided a positive urine specimen or failed a breathalyzer.

SGT Blanks dedication to Apache Troop was continuously displayed as he filed countless hours of paperwork for the Soldiers to successfully go to Army schools. He was directly responsible for ensuring Soldiers packets were filled out to the Army standard, and went out of his way to hand deliver paperwork to the Squadron Schools NCO to ensure quick and timely turn-around.

SGT Blank demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge as he tackled Soldiers crucial pay problems without thought. Soldiers could confidently lay their problems on his desk knowing they would have their pay issues corrected in a timely and professional manner. SGT Blank successfully fixed at least three dozen Soldier pay issues during his time as a Training Room NCO.

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