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CPT Hatton has served in the 1CD from January 2021 March 2024. He has served in many positions of increased responsibility from Platoon Leader to Company Commander. He first was assigned as Platoon Leader for 2nd PLT, A CO, 1-9CAV in January 2021. CPT Hatton led the platoon through an entire combined arms training cycle that culminated in NTC RTN 22-07. While augmented to 3CR, his platoon was recognized as the most lethal Tank Platoon in TF Rifles and commended by the COG as he led his Company's effort to breach and seize Razish.

CPT Hatton was next assigned as the executive officer for Apache Company, 1-9CAV in July of 2022. He served as the XO for the 3CR redeployment where the Apache company received the entire regiment with no discrepancies. CPT Hatton then prepared the company for deployment to EUCOM that included a comprehensive equipment reset and crew qualification. Due to his leadership, he managed a 92% OR in position through Semi-Annual and Annual Services on the M1A2SEPV3. After two Brigade Gunnery densities, the Company was commended as the most lethal tank Company in the Brigade by overall crew score.

In January of 2023, CPT Hatton was assigned as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company Executive Officer and deployed HHC to Poland, under the Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup-Poland (EFPBG-P). CPT Hatton led logistical and C2 support for the BG to include 5 NATO countries. During Theater Wide Operation (s) Amber Lynx, Ankaonda, and the BG enlargement to a BCT during OPN Griffin Shock, CPT Hatton ran maintenance and supply operations to enable the successful completion of Multinational Live Fire Exercises. This close coordination played a critical role in assuring allies and deterring adversaries in the JOA.

CPT Hatton assumed Command of Horsemen Company, 1-9 CAV in August of 2023. As HHC Commander, he led his formation through packout and redeployment operations, the establishment of command and control operations at Fort Cavazos, the divestiture of the M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the beginning of individual weapon qualification and modernization. His efforts ensured that HHC, 1-9 CAV was poised for the combined arms training cycle to culminate in NTC 24-02.

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