Requesting Reinstatement


To Whom It May Concern:

I formally request reinstatement as a United States Army Reserve Soldier. I enlisted in the Reserves in 2004 and served three years honorably and received no disciplinary action during that time. In 2007, I received an Article 15 for an improper relationship with a Soldier senior in rank and, because of that action, I was denied reenlistment. I realize now, not only how rewarding my time in the Army was, but also, how incompatible such relationships are to good order and discipline. I sincerely regret the actions that caused such problems to my unit and my life. In the years since leaving the service, I have grown and matured and now have a stable and supportive family life that would allow me to devote myself to military service while on duty. In short, the circumstances that resulted in my non-judicial punishment no longer exist and I will not make that mistake again. Thank you for allowing me to apply for reinstatement and for another opportunity to continue working toward my goal of being a career Soldier.


Amber A. Ajackson

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