Security Clearance

Subject: Security Clearance

You are showing on the system as needing a Security Clearance or having one about to expire.

The security clearance process is very lengthy so we need to complete this as soon as possible.

To answer the financial portion of the security clearance, the easiest way is to pull a credit report from to see what is on the credit report. This will give you time to dispute any erroneous charges and answer any questions fully.

Each Soldier must complete the following documents:

1. Fillable SF86
2. Complete PSIP Applicant Agreement - (MUST BE TYPED and signed by Soldier)
3. PSIP Worksheet (MUST BE TYPED and received in a word document) (.pdf won't be accepted)
4. DA Form 4856 - Signed by Soldier and Commander
5. Complete DD Form 369 (Police Background Check)
6. Two FD-258s (finger print card) provided upon request. The finger print card FD-258s form will also have to be done prior to processing the clearance.

Instruction for requesting a security clearance

Attached is the information and documents you will need when requesting and completing your security clearance. You must complete the SF86, PSIP Applicant Agreement and PSIP form. You have 5 days (05 Sep 2012) to complete and return (email) the documents to me. After it is reviewed (the SF86 and PSIP form) for completion, I will notify you of any changes or corrections that need to be made.

A request will then be submitted on your behalf for the e-QIP portal so you can input your information into the portal. Once the e-QIP is opened, you will have five (5) days to complete the information. You will receive an email similar to the one below from PSIP.

The Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) has received a request to begin processing your investigation application. The attachment provides detailed instructions to assist you with completing this process. It is highly recommended that you read these instructions before you begin completing the e-QIP form.

Once you have completed the e-QIP form, you must release it to the PSI-CoE for review. If the form contains errors or is missing required information, it will be returned to you via email for correction. Please ensure that you are monitoring your email throughout this process.

The following must be received within five (5) calendar days:

* e-QIP forms
* The three Signed Signature Release Pages
* Fingerprints Cards

Failure to meet this suspense will result in notification of my chain of command. After 15 days and you haven't responded the request will be terminated from the system. If your fail complete the PSIP process a memorandum from the first 0-6 in your chain of command will be required for you to be re-invited into PSIP again.

AR 380-67 states that "failure to respond within the time limit prescribed by the requesting organization with the required security forms or refusal to provide or permit access to the relevant information required by this regulation shall result in termination of the individual's security investigation or assignment to sensitive duties utilizing the procedures of paragraph 8-201 or further administrative processing of investigative requirement." Failure to meet this suspense will result in notification to your chain of command.

If you no longer require a background investigation or you cannot comply with these instructions, please have your security manager or hiring official contact the PSI-CoE.

If there are any questions feel free to let me know.

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