Self-improvement Award Bullets

SGT Najera distinguished himself from his peers with hard work, determination, and perseverance by achieving a 574 ACFT score. His dedication to physical readiness and drive for self improvement has increased the troop morale of maintenance platoon. His achievement resulted in his peers and subordinates reaching out to him for help on how to improve their physical readiness.

* XXX XXXXXXX exemplified the warrior ethos and fostered esprit de corps by earning his Silver Spurs at the Squadron Spur Ride in XX XXX XXXX, later taking on a leadership role as a lane walker for the Spur Ride in XX XXX XXXX.

(14P/Instructor)PV2 Hogan, Benjamin distinguished himself above his peers and showed hard work and discipline by providing countless hours of instruction over a two week period for 40 Echo Battery soldiers on Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) capabilities. He presented himself as the subject matter expert in his field of expertise and showed that he is a great asset for the upcoming Field Exercise. His untiring efforts and can-do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier and a future instructor for the United States Army.

While attending Advanced Leaders Course (ALC), SGT XXXXXX was recognized as the "Commandant's List" Awardee. This encompassed: academic tests, group participation, physical training, student PSG, volunteer work and overall class duty performances. In order to achieve this, SGT XXXXXX maintained a grade that exceeded the Commandant's List requirement of 95% with a GPA of 98.35%.

o Pursued off-duty education; completed nine credit hours towards Transportation Management degree

o Deployed, attended training on new deployment planning software at Ft Bragg; braced for transition.

o Volunteered for contractor-provided resource monitoring training. Increased unit oversight ability and reduced waste.

o Dedicated to self-improvement through increased education; completed Bachelor's Degree in Information Management at Southern University; earned a 4.0 GPA, graduated with honors and twice on the dean's list

o Installed second instance of intrusion monitoring software, established accounts for all members; multiplied section capability.

o Improvement-oriented; enrolled in Command Action Officer course; 12 of 20 courses completed, 95% average

o Consistently strives for improvement, working diligently towards career progression...recommend promotion

o New member, on site only two months, already 70% qualified; great contribution to growth of cell skills.

o Arranged contractor tutoring of new member on advanced security procedures; 100% qualified on major task

o Involved in local Head Start Program; read books to over 35 children; bettered local community

o Tutored high school students--raised students grade from an "F" to an "A" in a mere four weeks--inspiring!

o Maintained a 3.0 GPA in term 1, 2 with the University of Maryland College while excelling at primary duty

o Dedicated to healthy lifestyle; competed in Okinawa open wrestling tournament--won second place trophy

o Superior performance in all phases of professional military education garnered his selection out of 26 Soldiers as BNCOC Distinguished Graduate for class 06-D!

o Reviews regulations constantly; sharpens knowledge while providing earnest service to all customers

o Utilized process improvement techniques; reduced military performance reporting delays by 75%

o Instituted new quality control inspection procedures; adjusted algorithm, raised customer satisfaction 25%

o Awarded Bachelors Degree for Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; 3.6 GPA

o Exchanged language lessons; learned basic Japanese/taught English--improved important US/Japan relations

o Attended base sponsorship training, passed on info to workcenter--increased in-processing efficiency

o Completed math requirements in pursuit of AA degree; positive example to subordinates

o Top Soldier! Chosen to represent Battalion, selected as the Soldier of the Year 2005

o Currently enrolled at University of North Dakota--earned 9 semester hours with a 3.5 GPA

o Hazardous Material Awareness certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify threats to mission

o Best in Command! HQ ARSTRAT's Financial Management Specialist of the Year for 2006

o Earned 19 credit hours toward Bachelors Degree in Information Systems--maintained impressive 3.2 GPA

o Exceeds all training requirements; evident by a 98 percent on his qualification test

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